Nick brings Sharon home from her session. She talks about Victor's plot causing her to undergo electroshock therapy for nothing. She has questions about the girl with the uncanny resemblance to Cassie. Nick is upset that Victor tried to turn it around and say Sharon has a secret. Sharon says Dr. Meade confirmed she does have a secret. Nick still doesn't think it justifies anything Victor did.

The Cassie lookalike answers her hotel room door to Victor, who confronts her about getting caught. He reminds her Sharon is keeping a secret that can hurt Nick. The Cassie lookalike wants another chance. Victor tells her to stay away from his family. After, the Cassie lookalike phones someone to complain that Victor Newman's all over her. Sharon knocks on the door. They talk and the lookalike tells Sharon she's nothing like Cassie. Sharon recalls her being at the hospital. She asks her if she knows about the secret - she owes her. The lookalike insists she can't help her. Sharon offers to protect her from Victor, but she wants Sharon out.

Dylan checks in at the ranch with Nikki. He tells her Ian made him the sole beneficiary in his will. "It's a way to keep me from killing him." They agree he shouldn't be walking around town. Nikki focuses on the good - that Dylan's got to know his family. As Dylan's leaving, Nick storms in shouting for Victor. Dylan goes. Nick tells Nikki he's gone too far this time. Nick fills her in, Nikki is stunned to hear Victor tormented a sick Sharon for months. Victor arrives and Nikki asks how he could do something so contemptible. He grumbles about Nick's version of events. Nick and Victor argue about Sharon. Victor hollers at him to wake up. Nick says he's not his son anymore and leaves. Nikki hisses that what Victor's done is sick and cruel. He rolls his eyes. Nikki goes on about Noah and Faith. "You are no better than Ian Ward!" Victor tells her to take it Nikki won't - he's finally done something unforgivable. Victor doesn't care what anyone thinks. She heads upstairs. "I know you don't. You never do."

Avery finds Summer at Crimson Lights and tells her the cooking show got picked up and they want her to create buzz on social media. Ian appears and tells Summer he could have helped her achieve her full potential. Avery tells him she doesn't want to see his face again. Ian chuckles about her law partner freeing him. She says he'll get what's coming to him. Ian clucks about making threats in public. He talks about Dylan needing to manage his anger issues. He insinuates that Avery is becoming too busy for Dylan. Avery tells him to stop showing up at his place of business or she'll file a restraining order. Dylan appears, but keeps quiet. They keep bickering until Ian leaves. Dylan tells the girls he won't give Ian the satisfaction of getting a reaction out of him. On the patio, Ian chats up Esmerelda. Summer rushes out to tell her not to talk to him. He warns Summer not to defame his character. Inside, Avery and Dylan read comments about her show.

In Hilary's suite, she moans and tells Neil not to stop. Outside the door, Devon hears and walks away. Inside, Neil carries Hilary to the bed as they kiss. Downstairs, Esmerelda joins Devon at the bar. He agrees to take her to the Velvet Bar. He talks about some charitable works he's doing and she whines about a shoot where there was no bars or shopping. Devon looks downcast. In Hilary's suite, she tells Neil the sex was great, but it can't happen again - it's unprofessional. Neil says Jack won't care, and assures her he's not on the rebound. Hilary still thinks it's a bad idea. She brings up Lily and says they need to keep this between them for now. Neil agrees, but sees nothing wrong with them being together. After, Neil comes into the dining room in an excessively good mood. Devon wonders what's going on. They are talking about models not having enough substance. Neil asks Devon who is his ideal girl. Hilary appears. They all chat until Neil leaves. Devon tells Hilary he's got a big night planned with Esmerelda.

At the hotel, the Cassie lookalike is irritated with someone on the phone who finally returned her calls. She says, "Seriously? Right now?" and opens the door. Ian is there, grinning.

Nick returns to Sharon's house with the news that he's disowned Victor. Sharon tells him she remembered a few things. Nick doesn't care what the secret is - he loves her and nothing can change that.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Abby asks Victoria whatever happened to for better, for worse.

Kelly tells Stitch that Victoria loves Billy; he's the only man she'll ever love. Stitch replies, "We'll see about that."

Billy says to Chloe, "We'll never do anything that amazing again." Chloe says, "Or we could. We could have another baby."

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