At the park, Jill and Colin discuss him getting invited to Cane and Lily's for lunch. Colin's excited to see the grandkids. Jill says it's up to him not to blow it. Later, Victoria and Stitch pass through. He says their first date is right there, right now. Stitch yanks some flowers from the garden for her. She apologizes for the run-in with Billy last night. Ben reassures her. Orchestra music strikes up and he remarks that it's almost like he planned it. They eat hot dogs and chat. Victoria asks Stitch about his marriage. He says it's over. She wonders if they drifted apart, but he says it was more abrupt. Suddenly she has to throw up in the bushes.

At home, Lily lets Cane know that she still doesn't trust Colin. Cane assures her if he tries anything, he's out of there. Colin and Jill arrive and act graciously. The twins rush into the room and hug Jill. Colin gapes at them. Lily and Cane explain that Colin is their grandfather. Colin tells them he's happy to see them. The twins get up to speed on why he's not been around. Colin gives them koala bears and takes a picture of them. They all get to talking and Cane's offer from Victor comes up. Cane explains that the offer came with conditions related to Bonaventure. Jill warns Cane that Victor would make him jump through hoops as CEO. They bicker. Cane says right now he just wants to find out if someone set him up. When Colin runs out to the car, Jill wants Lily and Cane to admit it's going good. Jill says she was skeptical of him too, knowing he wanted money, but says she now knows there's love. Outside, Colin phones someone with a change of plans - they need to meet right away.

At the Club, Kelly apologizes to Jack for running out on him the other night. He revokes his dinner invitation so she doesn't have to turn him down. They discuss the awkwardness of their situation. Jack reiterates that Billy and Victoria's issues are their own doing. Jack likes spending time with her, but doesn't want to make her uncomfortable. Later, Kelly joins Jack at table. His lunch date was rescheduled so she offers to fill in. They talk about her feeling like the town pariah. Jack reassures her she's made some friends. She says her work is rewarding. Jack invites her to see the orchestra in the park. She accepts.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chloe discuss the trip they just made to the cemetery and recall Delia's Easters. They sit down and talk about how things need to get better, and Chloe's antics at the fashion show. Chloe says she's working on it. They talk about how they're surviving - Adam didn't take everything from them. Chloe says nothing will ever be the same; maybe they have to look at things through Delia's eyes...or Connor's.

Chelsea is cuddling Connor at the penthouse when Kevin shows up to discuss Chloe. He says he heard them talking at the end of the fashion show and Chloe's been better since. He wonders if Chelsea really meant the forgiveness stuff. Chelsea says she did, but there's no way she will let her see Connor. Chelsea says Chloe has to get help first, and she'll figure it out with her alone. Billy arrives and says he's been with Chloe. Kevin is weirded out by it all and leaves. Chelsea tells Billy that Connor is better, but if he came to kiss her again, then get out. Billy says he's just checking in. Connor coughs upstairs and they go running to get him in the steamy bathroom. Clothes come off as they get hot.

Kevin finds Chloe at Crimson Lights and she tells him the cemetery trip was good. Kevin tells her he heard her tell Chelsea that without her and Connor in her life it meant nothing. She doesn't see him how he sees her. Chloe reminds him it wasn't about romance for her. Kevin says he won't back out of the arrangement.

At the Club, Stitch comforts Victoria about her barfing. He says it wasn't food poisoning, but she still worries it was the hot dog. She thanks him for taking care of her.

In the park, Jack and Kelly enthuse over the orchestra music. Jack kisses her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Summer watches as Jack has a close moment with Kelly. He says, "I apologize. I'm working on being more spontaneous."

Neil tells Hilary she's not leaving until they get something straight.

Jill listens by phone as Colin tells a man he'll get his money and then some.

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