At the tackhouse, Sharon is stunned to see the Cassie lookalike and thinks she's hallucinating again. Nick tells her the woman standing there is real. Victor arrives. Nick says the woman isn't Cassie and he knows Victor was behind this. The lookalike tries to leave but Sharon wants her to stay. She marvels over how much she resembles Cassie. Nick says it's uncanny, but it's no coincidence she's in Genoa City. He confronts Victor about his machinations. He tells Sharon he intentionally tried to drive her crazy. The lookalike apologizes. Nick goes off on Victor about the damage he's caused. Victor says Sharon is inflicting damage on Nick and it won't stop. Nick is appalled that Victor would use the memory of their dead daughter to torment her. Victor recalls what Sharon did to this family. He calls Sharon out for having a secret she's guarding very carefully. Sharon has no idea what he's talking about. Nick yells about what Victor's done to the memory of their daughter. Victor hollers that Sharon will destroy Nick. Nick wants Victor out of his life - what he did was depraved. Victor says he'll be proved right about Sharon. Nick growls, "Get out." After, Nick wants Sharon to press charges against the lookalike, but she refuses. She can't hate someone with her daughter's face. Later, she thanks Nick for understanding. He's sorry for the pain his father's caused her.

At Crimson Lights, Noah tells Courtney that Sharon heard from Nick, but he's still concerned. He doesn't want anything to set Sharon off. They talk about whether the Newmans liked Courtney. Noah thinks it was a great night - Victor was really making an effort. Inside, Ian approaches Dylan. He has news he thinks will interest him - he's made him the sole beneficiary of his estate. He talks about forgiveness and mentions he knows Dylan undermined Avery's marriage, and that he kidnapped a baby. Dylan doesn't want his money and doesn't want to see him unless he's on his way out of town. Ian warns him if he was killed, Dylan would be the main suspect. Dylan realizes the will is an insurance policy. He tells Ian there's no controlling when he snaps from PTSD, so paperwork's not going to matter.

At the Club, Paul and Christine dine with Michael and Lauren. Avery stops by and asks Michael to meet her about a case next week. Talk turns to Ian Ward. Christine says his freedom will be temporary if she has anything to say about it. Paul sees trouble ahead. When Avery walks away, Paul follows to warn her that Ian will persist until he gets what he wants from Dylan. He asks her to keep an eye on him and tells her about Ian's hotel room being trashed. Avery says she'll monitor the situation. Paul thanks her. "An ounce of prevention..." Noah and Courtney arrive. He tells her he booked a suite there. She spots her boss, Paul, and hurries him upstairs. Meanwhile, Christine congratulates Lauren on being pregnant. Paul returns and Michael clarifies that Lauren's not pregnant after all. Lauren talks about having mixed feelings. Michael admits it felt like a loss. They talk about their kids, and Christine choosing her career. After, Paul asks Christine if she's alright. She wonders if she's missing out by not being a mother. Upstairs, Noah and Courtney kiss, undress, and make love.

Avery arrives at Crimson Lights, where Ian yammers on about her great cooking show online and tells Dylan he should be proud. He leaves, and Dylan tells Avery the pilot was really good. They laugh about the law-related title, You're Being Served, and read online comments, including one from the previous poster who wanted to see more. Outside, Ian barks into the phone, "It's me. Where do we stand?" Inside, Avery gets a call that the show is a 'go'. Ian watches her and Dylan embrace. Avery leaves to make plans and Dylan sees Ian.

The Cassie lookalike packs her things in her hotel room and calls someone to say she's in trouble and needs their help.

At the ranch, Victor flashes to when he gave Nick and Sharon their house. He recalls how happy Nick was and looks sad.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea tells Billy, "If you came to kiss me again, get out."

Jack invites Kelly to a concert in the park. She agrees they should go together.

Victoria asks Stitch what went wrong in his marriage.

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