At the ranch, Jack compliments Nikki on the successful engagement party. Victor joins them. Jack says he was gracious this evening - makes him suspicious. Jack departs and Nikki admits she's wary of his newfound attitude. They discuss Tyler and Abby. Victor thinks the disparity in their incomes may be a problem. He suggests Abby and Tyler coming over to Newman, but won't force anything. Nikki says losing Adam really did change him. Victor thanks her for supporting him and being loyal always. He shows Nikki an exciting European cruise itinerary. She's thrilled.

At Sharon's house, she leaves Nick a voicemail asking him to please call. Jack arrives and they speculate about Nick's strange disappearance. Jack stays to keep her company and muses that he would have loved to hear Phyllis' comments on Victor's benevolence this evening. Sharon tells him about her memory loss, and says although she doesn't remember Phyllis' accident, her heart goes out to him and she hopes Phyllis will recover. They wonder about a memorial for Adam and whether or not Victor has turned over a new leaf. Jack supposes the huge loss may have caused him to grow a conscience.

In the Cassie lookalike's hotel room, Nick demands the truth - she said someone else was pulling the strings. The young woman denies it, and claims she came up with the idea on her own after she saw Cassie online and thought she'd cash in. She apologizes and reminds him he said she could leave after she told the truth. Nick says she can - after she does. He knows she's lying because she never stole anything. Nick implores her to tell him the truth. She says, "I can't. He'll kill me." Nick pieces together who is behind the plot - there's only one person who could have done it. The Cassie lookalike denies it was Victor Newman. Nick assures her she will be safe. "Did my dad do this?" She says it's complicated and tearfully apologizes. Nick asks again if it was his father. She says, "Yes."

At the Club, Neil flashes to kissing Hilary previously and then tells her they have to talk. Hilary says they both know what that kiss was about. Leslie appears and Neil asks Hilary if she's congratulated Leslie on her marriage yet. Leslie sighs. She hoped they could be friends. Neil acts snarky and offers to throw an intimate reception for her. Leslie walks off and Hilary returns. Neil goes. Hilary finds Leslie and asks to join her. Leslie complains about Neil making a scene. Hilary says he's a good and decent man and she shattered his heart. Leslie thinks Hilary should go. Hilary says Leslie should go too - to hell. Leslie wonders if Hilary's interested in Neil. Leslie angrily reminds her what she did to Neil.

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy are joking when he suddenly kisses her. She slaps him. He apologizes and rants about his screwed up life. Chelsea reminds him her husband just died. Connor cries. She heads upstairs, and tells Billy he'd better be gone when she gets back. Soon Chelsea reappears with Connor who can't breathe properly. Billy hurries them out the door.

At the hospital, Stitch has kissed Victoria to answer her question about whether they're involved. She admits she's nowhere near ready to be involved with him, especially since she was kissing someone else earlier. She hopes Ben will be an understanding friend. He says that's getting harder and asks where her head is. She doesn't know what's next, but can't handle a serious involvement. Ben carps about staying a bachelor. Victoria just needs to sort things out. They are laughing about how they're both jealous when Billy's voice calls for a doctor. Stitch takes over with Chelsea and Connor. Victoria asks Billy why he was at Chelsea's place. Billy asks if she's serious - they're separated. Stitch and Chelsea reappear with Connor, who has croup. Chelsea doesn't know what she would have done without Billy. He says he'll take her home.

At the Abbott house, Jack encourages Neil to talk to him about Leslie. Neil says he doesn't understand what happened. Jack thinks he's lucky he never married Leslie. Neil says Hilary said the same thing. Jack didn't know they were so close. Neil says they got to know each other on their business trip. Jack counsels that Neil will find the right woman - she's out there.

Nick calls Victor from the tackhouse - he needs to talk and it can't wait. Victor says he'll be right there. Sharon arrives and is stunned to see the Cassie lookalike standing there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul tells Avery he will watch out for Ian Ward; he needs her to keep an eye on Dylan.

Ian says to Dylan, "I've got some news to share that will interest you."

Nick tells Sharon his father deliberately tried to drive her crazy.

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