At the ranch, Courtney and Noah chat with Ashley and Abby. Noah teases Abby that he feels bad for Tyler, whom she left on his own. Ashley tells Abby she's heading out - she wants to see somebody. In the living room, Sharon tells Victor that Nick ran out to the car. He lets her know he hasn't forgiven her even though he's being kind. He's tolerating her presence for Nick's sake. Sharon wants him to acknowledge that what she did was because of a bi-polar episode. Victor says he believes she's bad for Nick, but hopes he's wrong. Sharon insists she's working to get better. Noah and Courtney appear. Sharon wonders about Nick. Courtney and Noah go to look. Outside, Nick sees the Cassie lookalike and gasps. "Cassie?" She runs and he follows.

At home, Victoria takes a call from Stitch, who asks if she can meet him at the hospital. She says that's fine. They flirt and she says she'll see him soon. After, she flashes to kissing Billy.

At the penthouse door, Billy asks Chelsea if he can see Connor. She wonders if he's drunk. Billy reminds her she promised he could see him whenever he wanted to. She says Connor's sleeping, so he asks to hang out. Chelsea is puzzled. He says he's searching for 'good' tonight. "It's been a rough day." Chelsea relents. After Billy sees Connor tension rises when Adam's name comes up. They decide to order pizza and have a drink. She warns him off the topic of Adam and asks about Victoria. Billy says they kissed and then she left for a date. Chelsea encourages him to fight and stop being such an idiot. Billy says he hurt Victoria and she's put up walls. Chelsea can relate - she did the same thing, but they made their way back together because it was true love. Billy turns to go, but she tells him to stay and watch a movie. They get settled and Billy blurts out the ending. They laugh.

At the hospital, Stitch is surprised to see Ashley. He asks what brings her by and they chat. She asks when he's off duty. Stitch says he has a date. Victoria appears. Ashley notes how awkward this is and asks Victoria how long it's been since she filed for separation from Billy. A week? Victoria tells Ben that Ashley is her former step-mother and asks what she's doing there anyway. Ashley says she came to say hello to a friend. Stitch goes to change and Ashley grills Victoria about Billy. Vikki says it's none of her business. She tells Ashley she can't set herself up for anymore disappointment. She wonders if Ashley's concerned about her marriage or about her relationship with Ben. He returns looking spiffy. Ashley tells him she'll call the next time she's in town if any of her body parts need looking after. Ben tells Victoria he needs to stick around to reassure a sick boy. She says they can still have their date and gets French takeout brought in. Victoria asks about his connection with Ashley and admits she was jealous. He likes that. After, he alludes to them being 'involved' and kisses her.

At her hotel, the Cassie lookalike hurriedly packs. She opens the door to leave and Nick's there. He says she looks like she's seen a ghost. He grills her about being on his family's property. She panics when she thinks he's calling the cops. He calls Sharon to apologize for leaving her and asks that Noah take her home. After, Nick demands to know who the Cassie doppelganger is, and why she looks like Cassie. She pretends not to know who Cassie is, and Nick explains. He wonders how she got past the ranch security and starts searching her room. She weakly protests that she'll call the cops. Nick finds photos of Cassie in her bag and wonders if she's still going to say it's a coincidence. He accuses her of haunting Sharon and calls her evil and twisted. She blurts, "It wasn't my idea!" Nick demands to know who wanted her to pretend to be Cassie.

At Sharon's house, Courtney asks about Cassie while looking at albums. Suddenly Sharon has a flashback to seeing Cassie in the living room. She talks to Noah and Courtney about it. Noah says it had to be in her mind since Cassie didn't grow up. Sharon calls The Underground and finds out Nick hasn't been there.

Still at the ranch, Victor tells Abby he may steal Tyler and bring him over to Newman-Chancellor. She nixes the idea. Ashley returns and chats with Victor about pulling the families together. He's glad Ashley came.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Hilary, "I think you should go." Hilary replies, "So should you. Straight to hell. Because that's where someone who mistreats an amazing guy like Neil belongs."

Sharon says to Jack, "It's about Phyllis." He asks, "What about Phyllis?'

Nick asks the Cassie lookalike, "Did my dad put you up to this?"

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