At Sharon's house, Nick tells her he'll be proud to walk into the ranch with her tonight. Sharon's still wary. They reminisce a bit and flash to Cassie becoming Cassie Newman. Sharon agrees to attend the party.

At the ranch, Victor returns Nikki's phone saying he picked it up thinking it was his. Victoria appears and Victor ducks out. Nikki and Victoria whisper about him being on his best behavior. Victoria wonders if Billy's coming. Nikki says they'll have to see. Summer, Courtney, and Noah arrive.

At the Abbott house, Traci admires Jack's suit. Billy appears in a t-shirt and says he's not going. A voice says, "The hell you're not." It's Ashley. They have a laugh about Victor inviting all the Abbotts. Billy wants to give Victoria space, but they encourage him to come.

Chelsea opens the penthouse door to Jeffery, who is followed by Michael. Chelsea wonders what Michael's doing there. He's wondering himself. Jeffrey goes on about how Chelsea's barely holding it together - he thought she might want to put her financial concerns in capable hands. Chelsea accuses him of trying to cash in on her dead husband. She calls him names so he leaves. Chelsea tells Michael she doesn't know what her mother saw in that weasel. Michael replies, "Ditto." They talk about Adam. Chelsea knows he loved her. Michael said Jeff was partly self-serving, but she should look after her interests. She mentions that Victor's been supportive and Michael is surprised. Later, Jeff returns to apologize. He wants to try to be there for Connor, but Chelsea is leery to trust him. Jeff wants a chance to get it right, or at least screw up twice. Chelsea gives in. He asks her to spot him a ten. She's exasperated.

At the Club bar, Leslie and Tyler talk about him marrying into the upper crust. She says Mariah was never good enough for him. Abby appears and asks where he disappeared to. Tyler compliments her and talk turns to Leslie's marriage. Abby is supportive.

The Abbotts arrive at the ranch with Billy bringing up the rear. Ashley runs interference when Victor tells Billy he isn't too bright. Billy cautiously greets Victoria, who says his being there will mean a lot to Tyler and Abby. Jack asks Victor for a club soda and they muse about the families coming together. Abby and Tyler join Ashley and they make some awkward chit-chat. Jack and Leslie talk about Tyler being nervous. Traci gives Abby marriage advice - don't get sucked into the family drama. Tyler thanks Victor for opening his home. He says he takes his family's happiness very seriously. Nick and Sharon arrive. Noah comments on them making a statement and then Abby confronts Nick about bringing Sharon there. He defends his relationship. Victoria eyeballs Billy, and Nikki and Abby have a heartfelt chat about their mutual admiration. Victor gets everyone's attention and asks Ashley to make a toast. She talks about three families coming together to celebrate love and mentions how happy Brad and Colleen would be for Abby as well. Victoria goes outside and Billy follows. They kiss and Victoria takes off for home. Inside, Victor makes a more practical speech about marriage involving respect and forgiveness. He wishes Abby and Tyler all the happiness in the world. Summer chats with Traci about working at Jabot. Traci urges her to travel and meet new friends - Phyllis wouldn't want her to put her life on hold. Courtney talks to Tyler about feeling out of their depth in the talk of trust funds and such. Nearby, Ashley and Abby enthuse about Billy going after Victoria. Victor grumbles to Nikki about the same, and remarks on Nick bringing the pyromaniac with him too. Nick and Sharon approach. Nick says it's like a new beginning for all of them. Victor grunts, "Okay son," before moving on to argue with Jack about Bonaventure. Nikki claps for everyone to get cake. Someone watches through the window. When Nick runs out to the car, Victor ends up alone with Sharon. Outside, Nick comes face-to-face with Cassie's lookalike.

Billy knocks on the door after Victoria gets home. She doesn't want to talk, but wants to show him something. She changes into a black dress. He wants to take her for dinner, but she says Stitch is coming to get her. She wanted to show him she's moving on. Billy says what they have will never be over. Vikki calls Ben to confirm and then sighs.

Chelsea is still fuming over Jeffrey when there's another knock on her penthouse door. Assuming he's back she throws it open and is surprised to see Billy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Ashley asks Stitch if he has to work. He says he actually has a date. Victoria appears.

Sharon says to Victor, "I didn't think you were capable of forgiving me." Victor replies, "Who said I've forgiven you?"

Nick holds a photo and says to the Cassie lookalike, "Are you still saying this is a coincidence?"

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