Ian shows up in Paul's office and says he's there to report a crime. Ian says someone broke into his room and they debate about if it was the police. Paul warns him. Ian wonders if the police weren't trying to send him a message, who was?

At the ranch, Victor wonders what's bothering Nikki. She tells him Ian's back in town. Victor asks if he contacted her. She says he didn't, but she might call Paul. Victor says he'll look after Ian. They talk about the engagement party. Victor says he won't cause trouble with the Abbotts and he even told Nick he could bring Sharon. Nikki doesn't want trouble after that either. She pleads with him to forget about Ian. They bicker. She wants him to let Paul take care of this, but Victor scoffs at the idea. Nikki isn't worried about what Ian will do, she's scared to death about what Victor might do. Victor agrees to hold off unless Ian does anything to any member of his family.

At Abby's place, Tyler tells her the sex was amazing. He was worried being engaged might take the - you know - out of things, but it was better. Abby wonders if they're making a mistake. Tyler says it's pre-wedding jitters. They talk about him ending his engagement to Mariah - she thinks he got bored. Tyler realizes she's freaking out about the party tonight. He tells her there's no going back now. Abby decides he's right and starts rambling about the party with the Abbotts and Newmans. Tyler thinks about it and decides they should just elope to avoid the Abbott/Newman drama. Abby nixes the idea.

Nick arrives at Sharon's house. She assures him she made it through the night unscathed. Nick says he barely slept at all - he couldn't stop thinking about her. They talk about their decision to take things slow. Sharon wants to be courted. Nick says they should go on a date and tries to convince her to come to Abby's engagement party. Sharon refuses. She suspects Nick is throwing her in Victor's face to prove he can't manipulate him the way he did with Adam. Nick whistles at the accusation. He insists he just wants her there. He tells her she's his family too; they're like two halves of a whole. They kiss. Sharon tells him this is right and they start removing their clothes. He carries her upstairs and throws her on the bed for passionate sex. After, Sharon says she'll go to the party.

At Avery's apartment, she tells Dylan she's too much of a clutz for a cooking show. He reassures her. She notes he tossed and turned all night - because his father's back in town. Talk turns to whether or not she should wear an apron or glasses. Dylan gets a call from Paul to come to the station. The cooking show crew, headed by Marcus, arrives. Dylan goes. They begin taping and Avery is frozen. The photographer prompts her and she finds her voice, but is nervous. She clumsily smashes an egg and knocks equipment to the floor. "Cut!" The photographer, Austin, reassures her and gives her a tip. Take two goes much better. She even takes a call from the office while cooking to demonstrate how easy it all is. Marcus tells her she's great. Austin says she's perfect.

In the park, Mariah reads about Tyler and Abby's engagement online. She gets a call from Tyler, who wants to see her. Later, Ian enters the park, sends a text, and looks smug.

At the station, Paul tells Dylan that Ian came there to file a police report because someone broke into his hotel room. "Was it you?" Dylan says he wasn't the one sending the message. Paul doesn't think Dylan would resort to threats, but would do whatever it takes to find out what he's keeping from him. They debate about whether Ian really has a secret. Paul urges Dylan not to mess up his life over Ian.

At the ranch, as Victor takes Nikki upstairs, Nikki's phone registers a message from Ian. "The park is lovely. Time we had a heart to heart." Later, Nikki is on her way out when Dylan appears to make sure she's okay. She says she's fine.

Ian is waiting impatiently in the park when Victor appears and tells him his wife isn't coming. Ian tells him he's staying in Genoa City. Victor throws down a sinister warning - if he breathes the same air as his loved ones it will be his last, and he'll never see it coming.

Dylan returns to Avery's apartment to find the crew eating. They clear out and Dylan fills her in his police station visit.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack says to Ashley, "You're here!" She says, "Of course I am, I'm not going to miss my daughter's engagement party." They embrace.

Victor makes a toast to Tyler and Abby at the party.

Victoria and Billy kiss.

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