Jill and Colin flirt, joke, and kiss in the Chancellor living room. He says he'll love her to the end of time and she calls him a romantic cliche. Jill invites him to move back into her bedroom. He grins about being her sex toy. Jill gets a call from Chance who may have news about Rachel Berenson. She learns that the Rachel in the journal is actually Rachel Carlyle. They've been chasing the wrong Rachel. Colin thinks it's a red herring. He studies the music box. Jill muses that his priority has suddenly changed from going up to her room. Colin insists he's just a sucker for a good mystery. She wants to go upstairs but he wants more. Colin proposes again. Jill tells him he gets under her skin. They express their love and talk about it will be a hell of a ride. They kiss. Jill heads upstairs. Colin gets on the phone. Jill returns in time to hear him say he's convinced his wife will lead them to the old girl's money.

At the hospital, Lauren tells Michael the doctor will soon be back with test results. Michael thinks everything will be fine and encourages her not to think negatively. The doctor enters. Lauren asks if the baby's okay. She tells Lauren she's not pregnant; she was never pregnant, but her blood pressure is up. Lauren is advised to rest.

Backstage at the fashion show, Neil and Connie the stage manager offer support to the models. Tyler appears. He tells Neil he's stunned about Leslie's news. Nearby, Chelsea asks Chloe about the finale dress. Chloe says it's perfect. Chelsea takes it to the model. Kevin appears as Chelsea screams, "No!" Chloe tries to hide a grin. In the office, Hilary and Lily are about to start bickering when Connie appears. She tells them to get their fannies backstage pronto. She leaves, and Lily complains. Hilary tells Lily about her attitude. They argue about Cane starting to forgive Hilary. Neil appears and Lily goes. They discuss almost kissing twice. Meanwhile, Tyler sees Abby in a wedding dress. She says it's not hers. Connie is appalled to catch them kissing. Everyone gathers around as Chelsea emerges with the slashed dress and accuses Chloe of doing it on purpose. Chloe admits it. Neil asks if she can fix it. Chelsea says she can, but wants Chloe out of there. Kevin steers Chloe out. Abby talks to Lily and Hilary as Neil tries to stall the show. In the office, Kevin tells Chloe she's scaring him. When Chelsea has the dressed fixed and Esmerelda's in it, the show goes on. Devon and Neil both watch Hilary as she prepares to walk the runway. Esmerelda smiles at Devon as she models the finale gown. Up in the office, Chloe watches Chelsea take her accolades on the feed. Kevin says he thought he could help her, but her anger is getting worse. Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Kevin tells her he was wrong - it was a mistake to marry her. Chloe says of course it was; she's not even a person. Kevin says he got in the way of her getting the help she needs. Later in the dining room, everyone involved applauds for Chelsea. Tyler tells Abby he was imagining her on their wedding day. Devon finds Hilary and tells her she kept her word and went above and beyond. Neil appears and agrees. Devon talks with Lily and tells her about Leslie. She's angry. Hilary tells Neil she won't go to the reception and will see him tomorrow. Chelsea goes to the office. Kevin says he and Chloe will leave, but she wants Chloe to stay. She asks her why she cut up the dress. Chloe says she cut her out. Chelsea says everything changed and she thought they would get through it together, but the ways Chloe has hurt her... "Sabotage? Really?" Chelsea says she can't fix her, and Kevin can't fix her. She implores Chloe to find a way to put herself back together. Chloe knows she needs to get better. She can't lose Chelsea forever. They hug.

At home, Lauren reads the positive reviews from the fashion show. She cries about not being pregnant as Michael holds her. They talk about what it would have been like, and then agree to cherish what they have. Later, Lauren sadly looks at the ceiling as Michael sleeps beside her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily and Cane are at the Chancellor Estate door and Lily asks Colin what it's going to take to keep him out of their lives. Jill looks on.

Avery says Dylan's father is a monster, that's the end of the discussion. Leslie gives a sheepish look. Avery then asks Leslie if there's something she's not telling her.

Dylan says to Ian, "Cut to the chase. What are you doing back here?"

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