During a meeting in the Club office, Neil wants to make sure everything is on track for the fashion show tomorrow. Kelly asks questions. Hilary says she and Neil met with Caroline and Rick Forrester and they're nice. Cane addresses Neil only and says he looks forward to meeting him. After, he questions Hilary about her latest argument with Lily. Hilary assures Neil everything is fine - she and Lily both want the show to be a success. Kelly offers to update Jack when she meets him for dinner. Neil gets a text from Leslie asking to meet. Once alone, Cane and Hilary argue. She questions him and Lily wanting to punish her forever. She's caused no more trouble and is tired of being their punching bag. Hilary wonders if they'll forgive her one day, but Cane gets called away.

Avery freaks out about her cooking show audition at Crimson Lights. Dylan asks what's really going on. She admits she's feeling very insecure about the whole thing. Dylan reassures her and says she's putting too much pressure on herself. Avery kisses him. Meanwhile, on the patio, Victoria agrees to go to dinner with Stitch.

At Jabot, Jack wonders why Billy is flipping out over him going to dinner with Kelly. Billy insists it's because he doesn't want her near his family. They bicker. Jack reminds him he just said she was a good person. Billy backs off but goes on about all the curve balls being thrown at him. Jack tells him Adam's body was found. They discuss it. Billy feels the world is better off without Adam. Jack tries to reassure Billy about Stitch before he leaves.

Leslie sits in the park and looks fretful. She paces, receives a text, and flashes to her last conversation with Neil. He arrives and apologizes for letting her believe he'd gone on a romantic trip with another woman. He says the truth is that he's thought about her all day, every day. Leslie admits she started dating again after they split. "There's no easy way to say this. I got married." Neil is dumbfounded as she describes marrying a doctor she met online in Vegas. "Lightening struck." Neil becomes furious. He realizes her issues weren't about marriage; they were about him. Leslie insists she loved him. They both apologize. Neil wishes her the best.

Stitch arrives at Victoria's house with a birthday gift for Johnny and flowers for her. He suggests they keep dinner low key.

At the Club, Jack lets Kelly know he told Billy they were having dinner together. Stitch and Victoria walk in. The couples regard each other with puzzlement. Stitch takes Victoria out. Kelly apologizes to Jack - she doesn't blame Victoria for hating her. Jack asks about Stitch. Kelly says there was a time they were close; they're not anymore. They decide to have dinner again sometime. Meanwhile, Cane rejoins Hilary in the office and tells her about his questionable past and how he was forgiven. He can't forgive her for her cruelty to Lily, but he thinks she deserves a second chance. She asks about Lily dialing down the attitude. Cane will see what he can do.

Billy arrives at Crimson Lights looking for Stitch. He tells Dylan and Avery he slept with his wife. "I need to have a little chat with him." Avery advises against a confrontation. Dylan says he's not taking sides and urges Billy not to give up hope. Billy says today was really hard. He says he has one more gift to drop off for Johnny. Avery and Dylan look at her cooking video. He notices the anonymous commenter who hopes to see more of her.

Back at Victoria's house, she and Stitch eat Burger Barn takeout. Both apologize for their botched dinner plans. She wipes something off his mouth. He says this is her place with Billy; after they eat he'll shove off. However, he dozes off on her shoulder. Billy sees them through the window.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Victor tells someone over the phone to make sure the woman who passes herself off as Cassie leaves town.

Neil kisses Hilary.

Chelsea tells Chloe, "You used Delia as an excuse to be the spiteful little b**** you've always been." Kevin arrives as Chloe slaps Chelsea and shouts, "You're a b****!"

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