A knock on Sharon's door awakens Nick on the couch. Sharon comes downstairs and opens the door to Chelsea, who has news. She tells Sharon that Adam's remains have been found. Nick muses about the explosion. Sharon tears up and tells Chelsea she's sorry. She admires her strength. Chelsea goes and Sharon tells Nick it seems more real now; like she's mourning Adam all over again. Nick says Adam hurt her. Sharon says he helped her too. Nick argues. She tells him to stop it - he never liked his brother. Sharon goes upstairs and cries in a bubble bath. Nick enters with a scented candle. Sharon stops him from leaving. He rejoins her and washes her hair. They end up kissing passionately.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe rants to Kevin about Chelsea cutting her out. Kevin asks, "Can you blame her?" He tells her she needs to pull it together. Chloe snaps that she has it together. They bicker about their marriage. Kevin mutters about them not even sharing a bed. Chloe rolls her eyes. Talk returns to her behavior. Chloe decides he's right, she's been going about this whole thing with Chelsea the wrong way.

Michael meets Lauren at the Club and asks about the pregnancy test. Lauren says she's pregnant. Michael says he's excited...and reeling and unbalanced. Lauren wants his honesty. Michael says if she wants him to say he wanted this, he can't. They laugh over him trying to wrap his head around it. Lauren giggles. "We're going to have a baby." Michael tells her to confirm with a doctor and they'll discuss what they're facing. They kiss.

Nikki arrives at the Chancellor estate and tells Jill that Victoria and Billy have separated - they need to act fast. They bicker about whether or not they can work together. Jill says she's been warned off by Billy, Jack, and Lauren. Nikki says it doesn't matter. Jill sighs; they need a way in. Nikki will come up with a plan. Colin enters and asks when they became chummy. Jill says their children need them. Later, Jill and Colin go through more old records. Colin finds a photo of the Mediterranean coast. He wants to take her there and tries to tempt her. Jill just wants to solve this puzzle. Colin says he's got his treasure. "You." They continue the back and forth until Jill bangs her shin. He massages it. "That's really good." Soon, they're kissing. Colin starts clearing the desk, but she pulls him over to the sofa.

Victor brings proof of Adam's death to Paul at the station. Paul commiserates - he understands what it's like to lose a son who is... Victor says, "Reviled?" Once alone, Paul calls the Green County Sheriff. Later, Kevin turns up and talks to Paul about Chloe. He's confused about his role in her life. He tells Paul about Chloe going off on Chelsea. He's worried. Paul points out his expectations don't line up with Chloe's, and she's not the same person since Delia died. He says Chloe's ill and it's out of his hands.

Victor finds Chelsea waiting at Newman. She wants to give Adam a private burial, but she's not sure where. He suggests Genoa City so she and Connor can visit the grave. Chelsea thinks Victor wants to visit his grave too. They discuss being the ones who loved him and agree that Sharon did too. Chelsea says she'll include Sharon in any memorial service. Nikki appears and says a memorial is a lovely idea. Chelsea hugs Victor and leaves. Nikki wonders why Victor is okay with her including Sharon. Victor says she can honor Adam any way she chooses. Nikki tells him about Victoria's separation. Victor doesn't think it's a bad thing. Nikki says she and Jill are going to fix it. Victor is amazed. He tells Nikki about his chat with Nick at Underground. Victor muses that Sharon will most likely hurt him.

Chloe arrives at the Club and tells Lauren and Michael she needs to talk to him about her partnership. They are talking when Chelsea appears with new designs. Chloe says she'd love to see them. "Partner." Chelsea shows the designs to Lauren and Chloe repeatedly forces herself into the conversation. She then tells Chelsea she's coming with her to the office. Chelsea says it's not necessary. Chloe asks, "We're partners, right?" Chloe warns if she tries to push her out, she'll sue her back to the Stone Age.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly tells Stitch that Jenna's right, that boy is probably better off without him.

Devon walks in on Hilary, who is clad only in lingerie.

Esther dusts in the Chancellor living room and screams when she sees Jill making out with Colin on the sofa.

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