At Jabot, Jack and Abby debate over whether or not he's dating Kelly. Abby tells him, "I know exactly what you're up to." She crows that he's letting Kelly think he's interested to keep her distracted from Billy. Jack says he wants to show Kelly the Abbotts aren't a lynch mob. He suggests Abby keep her nose out of his and Billy's business and focus on her engagement. He reminds her he's still engaged to Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler reintroduces himself to Kelly and asks her opinion on a ring. Stitch appears and snipes that Kelly couldn't care less about others' marriages. Kelly says Jenna had every right to know who she was married to. Tyler excuses himself. Stitch tells Kelly that Jenna is taking his son to Australia. He asks how many more families she plans to destroy. She says at least his son will still be on the planet. Stitch apologizes. On the patio, Tyler shows Noah the ring. Noah thinks Abby will love it. Inside, Abby arrives and thanks Stitch for helping Victoria get home the other night. Kelly narrows her eyes. Abby joins Tyler and Kelly hisses at Stitch about being with Victoria. She calls him a hypocrite and says Victoria is going out of the frying pan into the fire. After, Noah and Courtney chat with Abby and Tyler about finding a place of their own. Once alone, Noah asks Courtney to move in with him. They kiss.

In the park, Billy wants honesty from Victoria. She eventually admits she slept with Stitch. Victoria says Ben has been supporting her since the night he took off looking for Adam. She says she was driving herself crazy over the separation papers when she saw him with Kelly. "I was just done." Billy says he ran into her by chance. Vikki snipes, "You couldn't keep walking?" Billy asks if she was evening the score by bedding Stitch. She says they were separated - not one thing to apologize for. Billy laments how many things he's asked her to forgive. If he was her, he'd leave too. Vikki says she would try again if she honestly thought they wouldn't end up in the same place again. She'll have Avery file the papers.

Dylan arrives at Avery's place and welcomes her home from New York. He talks to her about the drama she's missed in Genoa City; the fallout from Delia and Adam. Avery says she has news - she'll be consulting on some cases for the Innocence Foundation. They argue about the hazards of her being on dangerous cases. Dylan isn't thrilled, but understands. Avery says she turned down the cooking show because the foundation called. Dylan thinks she'll regret it. She argues that one is much more meaningful than the other. Dylan says it will cause her stress - which will make her cook. "Do both." Avery warns if this is a huge disaster, it's on him. They kiss. On the laptop an anonymous poster comments that they can't wait to see more of Avery.

At Newman, Chelsea doesn't want to believe Adam is dead. Victor tells her the phone calls from New Orleans were wrong numbers. "He's gone." Jack arrives and Chelsea tells him they found Adam's body. They fill him in on the calls and everything. Jack accuses Victor of giving Chelsea false hope, but then apologizes. Chelsea says Billy and Chloe will be happy. She talks about bringing Adam home to say goodbye. Chelsea worries about where to bury him, hugs them both, and leaves. Jack reiterates that the baby won't be taken away from her. Victor says they're on the same page. Jack wonders about Victor's guilt in knowing if not for him, Adam might still be alive. Victor wonders what Jack might have done in his place. He points out that even though Jack saw him as a son, he was the one who found out what was eating him alive. He challenges Jack to think about the position he was in. Jack leaves. Victor looks at Adam's nameplate.

At home, Billy goes upstairs to see Johnny. Victoria assures him she'd never keep them apart. "You're an amazing dad." Later, Billy leaves with his bags and a photo of Johnny. Vikki cries.

Chelsea and Connor are at the park and she talks about how she had promised him his daddy would come back. "He won't be." Later, Tyler shows Abby her star and proposed on bended knee. She loves the ring and accepts. Chelsea watches.

In his office, Jack looks at the papers for Connor's guardianship and at his photo of Phyllis.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chelsea says to Sharon, "I have news." She notices Nick half-dressed in the living room.

Paul tells Kevin anything he says is completely off the record.

Lauren says to Michael, "Pregnant."

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