Abby and Victoria return to Vikki's house after taking Reed to the airport. Abby tells her she's engaged to Tyler. Vikki is thrilled. They talk about her situation with Billy. Abby thinks it's nice she has friends - like Dr. Rayburn. She tells Vikki about his flirtation with Ashley. Vikki acts quiet and awkward. Abby asks if she went drinking again - they saw her leave The Underground with Stitch previously. Vikki admits she was dulling the pain over Billy. Abby's just glad she was in good hands.

In the park, Dylan tells Stitch whatever is between him and Victoria is their business. He doesn't want to see his sister, or his friend Billy get hurt. Stitch warns he can't tell him what he wants to hear. Dylan says, "You did sleep with her." He's surprised. Stitch he didn't want to complicate anyone's life, it just sort of happened. Dylan recalls using that line about Avery. Stitch says he doesn't think he took advantage of Victoria - they both knew what they were doing. He says it's in Victoria's hands now. Dylan advises him to take a step back. He wonders why Jenna left. Stitch says it's in the past. Dylan thanks him for being honest and leaves. Victoria appears. Stitch teases her that she's stalking him. She asks about Dylan. Stitch says, "He knows about us." He assures her he won't say anything. Victoria wouldn't want to hurt Billy.

At the station, Paul asks Kevin about his marriage. Kevin admits it's not perfect. Paul hopes Chloe will come around - if he hadn't stepped up she'd be in a mental health facility. Victor appears and warns Kevin to keep Chloe away from his grandson. Kevin says Chelsea's seen to that. Paul sends Kevin out and thanks Victor for coming by. He tells Victor that he had a conversation with Billy about Adam and wants to be sure Victor is sharing all his information with them. He bats around terms like 'aiding and abetting' and 'obstruction of justice'. Victor smirks and challenges Paul to find his son.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea is drawing. Chloe says she knows what she's been up to. She confronts her about submitting design for their line without including her. Chelsea makes excuses, but Chloe accuses her of cutting her out. She tells her she thinks she's psycho and doesn't care that she might be that way because her husband killed her daughter. Chelsea won't discuss Adam. They argue. Chelsea says it's been difficult to work with her. Chloe thinks it was Victor's idea to shut her out. Chelsea says she's being paranoid. Kevin arrives to find Dylan approaching Chloe, who is shouting at Chelsea. Chelsea finally snaps. "Victor is not to blame here. If anyone's to blame, it's you!" Kevin intervenes. Chelsea admits her feelings have gotten in the way. Kevin takes Chloe out.

At Newman, Victor flashes to his conversation with Chelsea about Adam being alive. He answers a call from a man who found the information he wanted about Adam. He calls Chelsea to come to his office. When she arrives, he informs her that human remains were found two counties down from Genoa City. He says the dental records were a match - it was Adam. Chelsea tears up. They embrace. Elsewhere, a man tells Adam that he did want he wanted and paid off the right people.

Billy shows up in a new suit at Jabot. Jack asks what the occasion is, and Billy hands him his resume. Billy talks about how he imagined Delia growing up and working with him at Boulevard. "Now just walking into the place feels wrong." Jack isn't sure Jabot is a good fit right now. Billy tells him about Jill's advice to change. Jack asks if he really wants this job. Billy insists he wants it. Jack rehires him to fill Phyllis' spot in R&D. Abby arrives. She tells Billy about Victoria stumbling out of The Underground with Stitch helping her. Billy curses - he told him to stay away from his wife. Abby says Victoria acted weird about him, but said he got her home safely. Billy leaves. Jack chastises Abby for upsetting him. Abby argues that he has a right to know what Victoria's up to. Jack thinks she may be doing damage for no reason. He gets a call from Kelly and sets dinner plans. Abby questions him. Jack says they've all treated her terribly. Abby muses that if she wanted to stir up trouble, she could tell everyone that he's dating the woman who broke up Billy and Victoria.

Billy finds Victoria with Stitch in the park. She asks why he's wearing a suit. Billy says they need to talk and Stitch needs to leave. Billy asks about her night at Underground. She admits that Stitch took her home. Billy says he gave her space and wonders what she did with it. "Did you sleep with him?"

Stitch rejoins Dylan at Crimson Lights. Dylan tells him Chelsea left something there. "Maybe I should bring it to her." Stitch replies, "Maybe you should take a step back."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kelly says to Stitch, "You hypocrite! You and Victoria? Are you kidding me?"

Avery tells Dylan she's turning down the cooking show. He asks, "What?"

Jack says to Victor, "I knew something was eating him alive." Victor responds, "And did you get to the bottom of what was eating him alive? I did."

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