At the Club, Kelly tells Jack he's making it hard to stay mad at him. Jill overhears her thank him for the flower and makes a scene, calling Kelly a trollop. Jack tells Kelly this is Billy's mother. He informs Jill that Kelly turned down a check to leave town. Jill snarks about her not letting Billy alone to put his marriage back together. Kelly impresses upon Jill that she and Billy are friends who made a mistake. After, Jill and Jack bicker. He points out they've both made similar mistakes. Jill wants to help Billy get back on track, but Jack thinks they should back off.

Billy arrives at the ranch and asks Nikki to see Johnny and Reed. He tells Nikki about the separation papers and why he signed them. Nikki tells him Reed's at the stables.

Victoria opens her door to Stitch. He says, "I had to see you." They awkwardly discuss the drinking and sex. Victoria says, "No regrets. How about you?" Stitch says he does have a couple of regrets, for instance, when he thought about making love to her, it wasn't in the back seat of a car; it should have been more special. He also feels bad about leaving her alone last night - it's not who he is. He rambles until he decides he should go. At the door, Victoria kisses him. Nikki appears. She is blunt with Stitch, who takes off. Victoria tells Nikki to be mad at her; she kissed him. Nikki is concerned and accuses Victoria of trying to level the playing field with Billy. Victoria says she filed separation papers. Nikki tells her she knows because Billy came by the ranch. Vikki mentions seeing him with Kelly in the park last night - another promise not kept. Nikki realizes Victoria loves Billy but wishes she didn't. She can relate. Vikki says she needs time apart. Nikki cautions her about rushing into another relationship.

At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Dylan her cooking video went viral and a New York TV producer wants to talk about her doing a show. She talks about why she loves cooking and goes to pack. Later, Stitch arrives and Dylan talks to him about Avery's offer. Stitch hardly listens. Dylan asks what's going on. Stitch says he found out last night that Jenna is taking his son to Australia. Dylan feels bad he was alone. Stitch says he wasn't - he ran into Victoria and has some drinks with her. Dylan asks if he crossed the line. "Did you sleep with Victoria?"

At the park, Lauren tells Michael she's a few weeks late. He thinks it could be a false alarm. Lauren snarks about him not being happy about the possibility. Michael can't get his head around the idea of having a baby at this point. Lauren laments being a terrible mother. Michael reassures her. Lauren suggests maybe the baby is their reward for surviving the past year. Michael wants a pregnancy test before they get ahead of themselves. Later, Avery appears. She asks Michael if everything's alright. He talks about being blindsided just when life was getting safe and familiar again. Avery asks him to cover her caseload while she's away. He welcomes the distraction.

At Sharon's house, Nick tells her about Phyllis falling down the stairs. Sharon says that's wrong - she didn't fall. She tells him she was there - it wasn't Phyllis, it was Summer. Nick clarifies that was a different time. He tells her Phyllis is in a coma and may never wake up. Sharon learns that she has been a big help to Summer since then. Nick refers to Summer as Jack's daughter. Sharon says that can't be right. Nick says she's not his daughter and DNA testing proved it. Sharon is concerned about her memory loss. Nick reassures her. He asks if she remembers The Underground. She does. He recalls when they were locked in the freezer and kissed. He kisses her.

Lauren arrives at the Club as Jack tells Jill to leave Kelly alone and storms off. Lauren tells Jill he's right - no outsider can jeopardize a marriage without permission. Jill realizes it's up to Billy and Victoria now. After, Lauren watches a woman with a baby in a stroller, and Billy joins Jill. She grills him about his plan for his marriage. Billy says he's giving Victoria space. Jill says that's the lamest thing she ever heard. She tells him he has to work on himself and change if there's to be any chance. In the office, Jack apologizes to Kelly for Jill. He adds that there's not an Abbott or Newman in town who can condemn her - most of them have done far worse. Jack asks her to dinner. She says he'll have to take her to the most exclusive restaurant in town so she doesn't disappoint the people who think poorly of her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe says to Chelsea, "You think I'm psycho, and you don't care one damn bit that I might be this way because your husband killed my child."

Abby says to Billy, "She wasn't alone, Dr. Rayburn was helping her." Billy exclaims, "I told that bastard to stay away from my wife."

Stitch tells Victoria that Dylan knows about them.

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