In the Club office, Lily thanks Cane for getting there so fast. He wonders if she's upset about him wanting to go to Chancellor. She talks about his options and the perks of working with her as she peels her dress off. Cane kisses her and then explains his point of view. She gets dressed. Cane says he feels like his job there is done - he needs more. Lily admires his drive. She thinks he should follow his dreams. When he reminds her he's still on the payroll, she disrobes again.

At the hospital, Nick is about to tell Sharon again that he loves her, but she stops him. "This is all wrong." She thinks he may just be feeling protective. Nick says his feelings have been growing for some time. Sharon returns the sentiment. They agree to take things slow and kiss.

Courtney arrives at Sharon's house in uniform and tells Noah she gave up the undercover work. He's happy. They kiss. She agrees to come back later. He tells her the uniform's hot. Later, Sharon and Nick arrive. Sharon explains to Faith that she was unwell on the inside, but she'll be fine. Sharon and Nick tell Noah they're giving things between them another shot, but going slow. Noah thinks it may not be the best time. Nick assures him they'll take it slow. Sharon says she feels much better.

At Crimson Lights, Neil tells Michael that he and Leslie broke up. Michael says maybe they'll get through it. Neil has decided to let it go. After, Neil bumps into Summer. He asks how she's doing and invites her to participate in the fashion show. She says she's happy being a real person who can have a candy bar once in a while. Neil says she's inspired him and takes off. Fen arrives and talks about schools with Summer. They are toasting to being off drugs and away from bad influences when Courtney arrives. She approaches and asks to speak to Summer alone. Fen cautions against it, but goes to the patio. Courtney tells Summer she came clean with Noah - she's not into drugs, she's a cop. On the patio, Fen tells Michael he'll be taking law at school.

Lauren looks for Neil at Jabot. Hilary says he should be there soon. Lauren needs someone to try on the dress she has with her. She asks Hilary to do it. Once alone, Lauren mutters to herself, "Two weeks? It couldn't be." Hilary emerges in the dress. Neil arrives and says it's a knock-out. He can't wait to tell them his idea for the fashion show. Lauren unexpectedly says she has to go. She calls Michael from the hallway. He's happy about Fen wanting to take law. She asks him to meet her in the park.

At Crimson Lights, Michael tells Fen he's going to meet Lauren. They talk about law and Michael needing to find a partner. Inside, Summer is miffed because she told Courtney everything. Courtney assures her she considered her a true friend. Summer thinks it was all an act. Courtney says she put dealers away and made a difference. Summer relents, and agrees to stay friends.

Hilary and Neil arrive at the Club. They find Lily and Cane. Neil says they have a new idea for the fashion show. Hilary promises it will shake things up. Lily snaps, "Oh that's your specialty, right? Shaking things up?" Hilary says it was Neil's idea. Neil admits Summer inspired it - he wants to feature real people on the runway. He asks Lily to be part of the show. He's convinced Hilary to do it too. Lily snaps, "You've got to be kidding." Hilary says, "Welcome to the Real Models of Genoa City."

At the park, Michael tells Lauren he's pleased Fen is following in his footsteps and comments on the relief of being past the stress. Michael is thrilled that Fen is finally an adult and they'll never have to relive the pain again. Lauren gasps and cries. Michael says he's just saying he's glad they're done with that part of their lives. She tells him she thinks she's pregnant.

Summer arrives at Sharon's house to see Faith and tells Sharon she looks great. Summer says she was glad to help out - Sharon's done so much for her since the paternity stuff. Sharon looks confused. When Summer mentions visiting Phyllis in Georgia, Sharon asks what she's doing down there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack asks Jill if she's been taking eavesdropping lessons from her new husband. Jill gestures toward Kelly and says the whole town knows that this hussy slept with her son.

Victoria and Stitch are kissing in the doorway when Nikki appears.

Nick says to Sharon, "What do you mean Phyllis didn't fall? You weren't there." Sharon replies, "Yes I was."

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