In the hospital, Sharon wakes up to find Nick stayed all night. She says her memory is coming back but it feels like something is missing - almost like she's blocking it out. She encourages Nick to go do what he needs to do. After, Sharon asks her doctor about filling in the gaps in her memory. The doctor feels she should remember on her own. She confirms that Sharon's released - under one condition...

At the prison, Leslie asks Ian Ward if he sent Willa to extort money from Dylan. He denies it and tells Leslie he wants to cut a deal. He has information that will get him out of there. Once she's heard it, Leslie doesn't think it will help him. Ian insists it's true, and easy enough to prove. He reminds her that it's confidential - even from her partner.

Hilary and Neil arrive at the Club. Devon asks about their matching sweatshirts and hears the story of them being stuck in Tulsa. He asks if they shared a room. They explain they had no choice and Hilary shows him the video of her on The Price Is Right. Neil walks off and Devon thanks Hilary for taking Neil's mind off Leslie. He adds that she looks cute. Nearby, Jack reassures Summer about her deposition on Ian. Abby appears with good news - her rumored engagement is now true. Jack is happy for something to celebrate in the Abbott family. Neil appears and congratulates Abby, who says Tyler is with Victor - hopefully in one piece. Jack and Summer leave, Abby tells Neil she's sorry about Leslie. Neil advises her not to let anyone keep them from their happiness. Neil then jokes around with Devon, who comments on his improved mood. Neil talks about how great Hilary is - he still thinks things should have worked out for her and Devon. Hilary reappears and leaves for the office with Neil. Devon looks thoughtful.

Tyler enters Victor's office at Newman and announces that he proposed to Abby. He wants Victor's blessing. Victor doesn't think Tyler knows what it means to become part of the Newman family - he hasn't thought this through. Tyler makes a heartfelt speech about how much he loves Abby. Victor asks for a long engagement and then welcomes him to the family.

At Crimson Lights, Avery shows Dylan the video of her making her pie on the internet. He says she's beautiful and they kiss. Dylan is perturbed about some of the comments and soon Avery is too. Abby arrives and spots Tyler on the patio. They kiss after he tells her Victor gave his blessing. At the counter, Avery tells Dylan that Leslie was seeing Ian today. He hopes they never see Ian or Willa again. Leslie arrives and congratulates Abby and Tyler before joining Avery and Dylan. She tells them about the engagement and assures Avery she's fine. Dylan thanks her for talking to Ian. She looks ill at ease.

Cassie's lookalike enters The Underground. Nick arrives and she watches him from under her hat. When Victor arrives, she listens as Nick complains to him about all the things he did to Sharon. Victor hopes she has a full recovery. He tells Nick about Abby's engagement and suggests a get-together. Nick wonders what his angle is. He figures it's probably to get him and Victoria back in the fold. Victor is fed up with Nick's righteousness - he of all people should know the lengths a parent would go to to protect their child. They talk about Summer's DNA test. Nick gets a call from Sharon and says he'll be there soon. Victor announces he'll let bygones be bygones with Sharon. Nick leaves. Victor approaches Cassie's lookalike and asks what she's up to. She says she wanted to make sure Sharon was okay - she feels bad for her. Victor says she should have got out of town; she doesn't understand who she's dealing with. He warns her to stop the charade.

Summer and Jack are at the prison. Ian is brought in and starts his spiel. Jack tells him to shut-up. Summer says she needs to do this. She tells Ian he may not have hurt her like he did Nikki, but he took advantage of her. "I'm here to say thank you." Summer says she realized how strong she is, and that she can trust herself and rely on her family. Ian chuckles after they leave.

At the hospital, Sharon tells Nick she has to hire a nurse so she's not alone. Nick says he'll stay with her. Sharon agrees to play it by ear. Nick says the way he feels about her will never change. Sharon says she remembered him saying he loved her. He assures her that wasn't a dream.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Michael asks Lauren if something else is going on. Lauren replies, "Sometimes you can be so dense."

Neil and Hilary tell Lily and Cane they have come up with some ideas for the fashion show that are guaranteed to shake things up. Lily says to Hilary, "Oh well that's your specialty, right? Shaking things up?"

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