At the penthouse, Jack warns Chelsea that Victor will twist the kidnapping and use it against her. Victor complains that Jack is pushing her buttons. Chelsea asks Victor point blank if he's planning to take Connor away from her. Jack and Victor argue until Chelsea hollers for them to stop. Jack leaves. Chelsea wants an answer from Victor - what Jack is saying makes perfect sense. Victor thought they put their animosity behind them, he's saddened to hear her talk that way. He talks about how everything has changed for him - he'd like to know his grandson if she'll let him. Victor says he won't take the boy away from her, and she can rely on him. Later, Chelsea gets a call that sounds like static. She asks, "Adam?"

At the police station, Chloe tells Kevin that nothing will be right ever again. When Michael tries to talk to her alone she fires him. Kevin exits and Michael tells her he can get her out of this mess, but she has to cooperate. Chloe says she deserves to be punished. Michael tells her how bad prison would be. He doesn't think sacrificing her future is the way to mourn Delia. Michael says it was a momentary lapse on a difficult day. Chloe counters that she was obsessed with him for months. Michael says she was overwhelmed with grief. Chloe can't face living without Delia so she might as well go to prison. Kevin returns and tells her how many people that would hurt. He explains that being with her has helped him too. "Don't leave me." She cries. "I don't want to leave you."

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill leaves Billy a message. Colin appears and asks after her son. Jill scoffs at him caring about her family. He warns her she won't solve the mystery without him. Jill grumbles that they've found out nothing about Rachel Berenson. She accuses Colin of making the clue up. He tells her if he's lying they can tear up their agreement, but if he can prove he's telling the truth, she has to spend every night in bed with him. Jill says, "No deal." They go through boxes of Katherine's papers. After a while, Jill has a stiff neck. Colin offers to run her a bath. When he's gone she pulls out an old photo she found. Colin returns. "Gotcha'." She shows him that the photo says Rachel on the back and it was in a book of Katherine's father's war memories. Colin says they're a great team.

At home, Billy asks Victoria for a fresh start. She says she's going to the gym and doesn't want Billy to join her. Later, Jack arrives and tells Billy that Chloe had a meltdown and took off with Connor. Billy says he certainly can't judge her. He tells Jack that Vikki's been as cold as ice. Billy's scared - he has no idea what she'll do next. Jack thinks they have to hash it out. Billy says he got a terrible feeling that this time she won't forgive him. Jack advises him to be patient and prove he can be the man she deserves. Billy says he's right.

Kelly overhears a hang-up call at the Club between Stitch and his wife. She notes his divorce is going through and it's because of her. He says it's not fair to blame her, it was his fault. He talks about moving forward, and walks off with his gym bag. Victoria enters and spots Kelly. Later, Stitch spots Victoria in the gym. She says Billy wants them to get back to normal, but there's nothing normal about them anymore. Victoria says she can't stand being at home. She looks at Billy and just sees a man who cheated. On top of the other things he's done she's not sure the marriage is worth fighting for. She gets upset talking about Kelly and hurts herself. Stitch tells her to ice it and how sorry he is. They end up kissing.

Billy gets a call from Kelly at home. He's upset that she phoned. She says they need to talk privately and asks him to come see her.

Jack and Victor discuss Connor at the Club bar. Victor says Connor is his blood, it's a connection he can't have to him.

Billy meets Kelly at Crimson Lights, but asks to go elsewhere. He says he wanted to see her too.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Dylan, "Ian Ward is locked up. It's over." He tells her it's not over at all.

Stitch tells Kelly there is such a thing as forgiveness. She says, "Maybe for adultery, but not for what you did."

Billy tells Victoria they definitely need to talk. She blurts, "I just kissed another man."

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