Nick arrives at the ranch and talks to Nikki about Victor bringing Connor home from Paris. Nick says Dylan told him about her nightmares about Ian Ward. Nikki thinks he's probably slithered his way off to his next victim. She warns Nick that he's dangerous. She hates to think about what she'd do if he hurt someone in her family. Faith appears. Nick assures Nikki he and Dylan won't do anything crazy and cautions this isn't a big bonding thing between them.

Avery and Dylan flirt at Crimson Lights. She wants him to come to her place, but he's meeting Nick. Avery sighs. Dylan says he'd work with Hannibal Lecter to protect Nikki. Avery asks, "Did you just compare Nick to Hannibal Lecter?" They discuss Nikki's bad dreams and Ian Ward. Avery wants Dylan to refer to Nick as his brother instead of her ex. Avery leaves as Nick and Faith arrive. Faith is sent to the back and Nick reports that Nikki hasn't heard from Ward. Dylan wonders if they got through to him. He can't shake the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In his GCAC suite, Ian looks at a photo of him and Summer. He chuckles, "This should do it." In another suite, Cane and Lily discuss the decor. She coyly says it could use some rose petals and candles. They kiss and Cane whips his shirt off. They make love, and Cane wants champagne. Lily volunteers to go down and get some. Downstairs, Neil refers to marriage as a 'dealbreaker' for him. Leslie asks if he's seriously telling her it's over if she won't marry him. Neil suggests counseling. She asks if he thinks she's psychologically impaired because she disagrees with him. Neil can't pretend that anything less than marriage is enough for him. Leslie asks if he could be content to love her without marriage. He says he couldn't. Lily arrives in time to see Leslie return Neil's ring and leave. Lily comforts Neil, who cries that he really didn't think she'd walk away. Outside, Leslie cries. After, Lily returns to Cane and tells him what happened to Neil.

Noah arrives at Sharon's house and asks why there are photos of Cassie all over the place. She wishes she knew. Sharon tells him everything that's gone on, and how it's become worse. She admits she's concerned she's been doing things and doesn't remember. Sharon tells him about the word 'phantasm' being spelled out on the table. Noah thinks she needs to give herself time. Sharon says she's not entirely convinced she's doing this stuff. Someone - or something - could be trying to scare her. Noah nixes the idea of a poltergeist. Sharon talks about how the recent Cassie is different. She pulls out a Ouija board. Noah tells her to stop. Sharon apologizes. Noah says he has to meet Courtney. Alone, Sharon takes out the Ouija and asks, "Cassie are you here?"

Nikki is playing piano at the ranch when her phone dings. She's received a photo of Summer and Ian. She gasps. "Not Summer. Damn you!" She phones Ward, who says she sounds upset. "That can't be good for a woman with your health issues." He taunts her about Summer being his type. He dares Nikki to call the authorities about her imaginary granddaughter. Nikki asks what it will take to get rid of him. He wants $5 million cash, untraceable, and she must deliver it to his office. She writes down the address. He warns her not to tell anyone. Later, Nikki has a giant bag of cash ready when Avery arrives with her will documents. Nikki says she's in a hurry and asks her to leave the documents on the desk.

Summer arrives at Ian's suite as he is about to leave. He hides his packed bag and then invites her in.

Avery returns to the coffee house and tells Dylan and Nick about Nikki acting peculiar and taking off with a bag. They think something must have happened. Faith overhears Dylan mention John Darwin, Ward's alias. She says John Darwin is Summer's new friend. When Faith identifies Ian from his photo online, Nick and Dylan fly into action. Avery tries to phone Summer but gets voicemail. Avery stays with Faith and reassures her nothing bad will happen to Summer.

Dylan and Nick find Ian's suite empty.

Nikki arrives at the office Ian sent her to and knocks impatiently. Finally, he opens the door. He tells he she looks beautiful, but she tells him to shut up, take his money, and get the hell out of town. Summer's voice calls, "Grandma?" Nikki shouts, "Summer?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Officers arrive at the Chancellor Estate and place Chloe under arrest for kidnapping.

Chelsea tells Jack all that mattered to her was getting her son back. Jack asks, "So you called Victor. Why?" Victor booms, "Leave it alone, Jack."

Dylan tells Ian, "You think you're going to walk out this door? That's not going to happen."

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