At the Club, Jack and Hilary are working. He crows that she seems to anticipate his every need. She says they need to talk about the kiss. She is upset because it was wrong. Jack thinks she was just feeling gratitude toward him. He assures her she'll find someone. She muses that there is someone... Upstairs, Neil tells Devon in the ballroom that things could have been worse. Devon thinks about selling. Neil encourages him to stick with it. Downstairs, Leslie complains to Tyler about the heroics at the gala. Tyler says she must be proud to be marrying Neil, who put his life on the line. She says she's not marrying him. Tyler calls her a commitmentphobe. Leslie has just seen too many bad marriages. Tyler hopes Neil understands. After, Tyler meets Abby in the sauna. She says she went to see Mariah and they don't have to worry about her anymore. He asks what happened. Abby says she wasn't there, she had checked out and left town. She drops her towel. Meanwhile, Hilary finds Devon in the ballroom and gets him laughing. She says she wasn't afraid of a couple of guys with guns - for the past few months she's been putting up with Lily. Esmerelda arrives and hugs Devon. He goes to deal with the electrician. Esmerelda tells Hilary about her awesome sex with Devon and then asks if she's sleeping with him too. In the dining room, Neil joins Leslie. They discuss the hostage-taking. Neil says when he was staring down the barrel of the gun he realized that being married matters a lot to him. They debate. He extolls the virtues of marriage. Neil says it's all about choice, and he chooses to be married. Leslie asks, "Is this an ultimatum?" In the sauna, Tyler tells Abby that making up has its perks. They talk about marriage. Neither of them had good examples of it growing up. Tyler tells Abby she makes him believe it's possible to be happy. They kiss. Devon returns to the ballroom, where Hilary says his girlfriend is fixing her face. Devon says he wouldn't call her that. He asks about her and Jack. Esmerelda returns and Devon leaves with her.

Billy wakes up stiff and sore on the sofa at home. Vikki appears. He asks her if she's going to be able to forgive him. Billy becomes agitated trying to explain why he kept it from her. He says he's already lost Delia and can't lose her too. She snaps, "Don't you dare put that on me." He insists he wasn't trying to guilt trip her. Vikki gets why it happened, but hates that he needed Kelly to take the pain away. Jack arrives. Vikki goes. Billy tells Jack he'll do whatever it takes to make things right. Jack wishes he'd stayed away from Kelly. Billy says talking to her got him through the day. Jack feels he consistently lets Victoria down. When Jack rolls his eyes about Kelly offering Billy a cocktail and a warm bed, Billy hollers, "Don't talk about her like that." Jack says they crossed a line. Billy tells him he doesn't understand, but Kelly did that night. Jack asks if he's in love with her. Billy insists it's nothing like that. He feels so tired; tired of making mistakes. Jack says he's been sabotaging himself since he was a kid. He thinks he's been punishing himself and is now punishing Victoria for loving him. Billy begs for Jack's help.

Stitch enters Crimson Lights. Kelly tells him she's in no mood for a lecture about how she ruined another marriage. He promises no lectures. She says she can see the accusation in his eyes. Stitch says he understands what happened with Billy. She talks about missing her son and laments messing everything up in Genoa City. Stitch says she doesn't have to be alone - she can have him. He says it was her choice to walk away from their relationship. Kelly admits she wants some of those moments back, but some things just can't be healed. Stitch says she has to reach out. She says she did that with Billy - to connect with someone; to feel something. Stitch says his divorce is going through. Victoria appears. Kelly says she's leaving and doesn't want to cause her anymore trouble. Ben tells Victoria that Billy is just as responsible for what happened as Kelly. Vikki says she's had it out with him. Stitch says maybe Billy just needs her to hang on longer. He tells her to take it from a guy whose marriage is ending to fight with everything she has. Vikki doesn't know if she has it in her anymore.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie asks Neil, "Let me get this straight. Are you seriously saying that if I won't marry you, it's over between us?"

Ian chuckles at a photo of him and Summer together on the computer and says, "This should do it."

Nikki looks at the photo of Ian and Summer on her phone and stands up. "My God. Not Summer! Damn you."

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