Avery is stunned to enter Crimson Lights and see Dylan sitting with Nick. They try to act nonchalant but she asks what they're up to and if it has to do with Ian Ward. They bring her up to speed. Avery wants to be a part of their plan. They feel it's too risky. Avery mentions being alone with Ward. Nick asks why she didn't tell him. Dylan says she has him now. Avery suggests they look for Ward at the Club.

At the door of his suite, Ian invites Summer to come in and fill out the personality profile. She laughs that he's going to know everything about her. He says that's the plan. He takes what she's done and gives her more papers to take home. Ian takes selfies of them together before she leaves. Shortly after, Nick and Dylan arrive. Ward opens his door and upon meeting Nick, says he once knew his lovely mother. Nick sucker punches him. They tell him they won't be buying his version of the past and he needs to leave town. Ian talks about being proud of Dylan and says he hasn't decided when he's leaving. Dylan warns him to stay away from Nikki. Nick warns they'll be watching him. After, Ian looks at his photo of Summer and grins.

In Paris, Chloe backs up into the townhouse with Connor. Chelsea tells her the baby is not Delia. Chloe says she's not delusional - Delia is gone. Victor asks her to give him back to Chelsea. Chloe tells Chelsea, "I deserve him and you don't." Chloe says Victor made Adam and Chelsea loved him - neither of them deserves Connor. She says giving the baby Adam Newman as a father makes Chelsea the worst mother in the world. Kevin arrives. Chloe wants him to help her keep the baby. Kevin says this isn't right - Chelsea is Connor's mother. They can't be a family with him. Chloe begins to cry about losing Delia. Victor tells her he is really very sorry for her pain. Chloe hands Connor to Chelsea. Kevin hugs Chloe. Chelsea and Victor leave with the baby, urging Chloe to join them on the jet - they'll wait an hour. Kevin tells Chloe it's time to go home. She says she only went to Genoa City for Delia, there's nothing there for her now. Chloe laments being a baby-snatcher. Kevin says they'll get her help. Chloe's too tired to try anymore. If Chloe drifts off and goes away, then Delia goes too. He's not willing to lose her again.

At home, Billy pleads with Victoria to talk to him. He needs to know what's going on in her head. She gets angry and starts ranting about his sex with Kelly. "I want to know everything." When she presses, Billy admits he met Kelly at the park and they went to her place. Victoria asks where she was when he was so empty he needed someone else to fill him up. He says she was heading to DC. Victoria realizes they made love that same day for the first time since Delia died. She's disgusted. Victoria says she was there for him and he's broken her heart. Victoria says she understands adultery, and grief, but she has a pit in her stomach because she loves him and it doesn't matter to him. Billy begs her to forgive him.

At the station, Noah returns a Valentine's Day gift that showed up at his house from Courtney. He tells her to take it back. Noah apologizes for coming there, but he doesn't know where she lives. Courtney says she lied, but her job relied on it. She points out that what she does is important - she may have saved some kids from ODing like Summer. Noah admits what she does is impressive, but the rest was a lie. Courtney reminds him she was undercover - the moments they shared were real. Noah kisses her. They agree no more secrets and kiss again.

Summer joins Avery at the coffee shop and tells her about her personality evaluation to help figure out what she wants to do with her life. They discuss Phyllis. Avery says she'd be proud. Dylan and Nick return. Summer asks if they're hanging out now. Nick says they're just working on something. Summer tells them to keep it up and leaves. Avery learns they found Ian and asks which one of them punched him. Dylan says there's no telling what Ward will do next.

On the jet, Chelsea talks about not ever letting anything bad happen to Connor. Victor pats his head. "My boy." They discuss their unfortunate history. Victor vows he'll always protect that boy. They agree he looks like Adam. Kevin and Chloe appear. Victor says he's glad they're both there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jack tells Hilary she seems able to anticipate his every need. She decides they need to talk about what happened the other night.

Stitch tells Kelly she doesn't need to be alone, she can have him.

Neil asks Leslie to take a chance with him.

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