Summer brings Faith into the ranch. Nikki says Victor had to go out of town. She asks about Summer's life coach - does he have a website she can look at? Summer assures her it's fine. Nikki warns her to be careful. Summer says this guy has a great reputation. After, Faith tells Nikki about Summer's friend being at Crimson Lights.

Dylan introduces himself to Paul at the station - he's concerned about Ian Ward hurting Nikki. Paul says he sounds like his brother, Nick. They talk about the cult. Dylan is mad at himself for bringing Ward back into Nikki's life. Paul understands Dylan's frustration but says he can't do anything unless Ward breaks the law. Dylan says he has to be stopped and he knows someone who will help him.

Sharon thanks Nick for staying the night at her house. They discuss her visions of Cassie. Nick holds her hand and offers to stay until Dr. Meade comes. Sharon says he can't always rescue her. Nick feels there's nothing wrong with asking for help. Sharon worries that she may never get better, but they agree Dr. Meade is excellent. Later, Sharon asks Dr. Meade why the visions are happening. She describes how Cassie has changed and now scares her. The therapist thinks she's locked in a struggle with herself. She prescribes new meds. Sharon is afraid they won't work. Dr. Meade tells her to take the pills and they'll see what happens. Sharon goes to get her prescription. When she returns there are photos of Cassie all over the house.

On the Newman jet, Chelsea tells Victor she just wants to hold her son. Victor assures her she will and asks her to trust him. She lashes out saying this is all happening because of him. Victor says that's not true. She apologizes and they discuss Adam's dilemma. Victor asks about the town-home Adam purchased in Paris. Chelsea says the address was with the passports and plane tickets. She realizes Connor is Victor's only tie to Adam now. They commiserate about their rough childhoods and talk about how Adam felt Victor abandoned him. Victor recalls how Adam caused trouble when he first came to town and then conspired with Jack Abbott. Chelsea wishes Adam had known that Victor kept his secret to protect him. They are wondering whether to call the authorities when Kevin calls - he's learned that Chloe used her credit card in Paris to hire a car. Chelsea tells Victor that Kevin gave her the address where the driver dropped her off.

Summer meets Ian in an office. He tells her he will show her the path he believes is right for her. He wants to know all about her. "I'm all ears." Summer talks about not knowing what she wants to do, and about the notoriety of being Victor Newman's granddaughter. Ian asks about her taking risks - such as leaving her comfort zone. He suggests she take a personality profile. She wants to do it. He says she has to agree to put herself completely in his hands. Ian invites her to come and take the test at the Club.

Nick greets Dylan at Crimson Lights, who tells him this is about protecting Nikki from Ian Ward. He says the cops won't do anything, so that leaves them. Dylan says Ward's presence is causing Nikki stress and nightmares. Nick says working together they might be able to do something. They agree it means nothing will change. Dylan says they have to find Ian and convince him to leave.

At the ranch, Paul tells Nikki about Dylan's visit to the station. Faith shows off the French she learned from Summer's friend before heading to the kitchen. Nikki and Paul talk about Dylan's concern for her. She says he has a good heart. Paul asks about her nightmares, and assures her that Ian can't hurt her anymore. She's more worried about the people she cares about. Paul realizes that she hasn't told Victor that Ward's in Genoa City. Nikki says Victor's had a lot going on. She deflects Paul's questions. Paul doesn't understand her not trusting him enough to tell him about Ian. Later, Faith says Nikki looks sad. They hug.

In Paris, Chloe is shown into the home Adam had purchased for him and Chelsea. The man tells her the renovations aren't finished, but she assures him they'll be fine there and ushers him out. Chloe then welcomes Connor to their new home and talks about making a safe home for him. She tells him Chelsea and Adam didn't deserve him, they would have hurt him, like Delia. Chloe gets Connor ready to go for food. She opens the door. Chelsea and Victor are standing there.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Nick introduces himself to Ian, who says he once knew his lovely mother. Nick punches him.

Victoria tells Billy she wants to know everything.

Victor asks Chloe to give the boy back to Chelsea. Chloe says Connor belongs there with her.

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