At the hospital, Lily and the kids are glad Cane is being released. Lily says, "If it hadn't been for Colin..." Colin appears. He was happy to assist. Cane notes he likes having people owe him. Colin insists he really cares. Lily introduces Colin to the twins. In Billy's hospital room, he wakes up and asks Jill, Jack, and Victoria what happened. They fill him in. In the corridor, Kelly tells Stitch that she's fine, but others were hurt and it's her fault. They are bickering when Victoria appears. Kelly disappears. Stitch says he's sorry for what she's going through. Vikki says Billy doesn't remember confessing and wonders what to do. Stitch suggests she hear him out. In Billy's room, he asks Jack and Jill why Victoria's acting strangely. Jill exits in time to hear Lily warn Colin not to expect anything more from them. Jill moseys over and banters with him about his heroics. He attributes it to the love of a good woman. She cheerfully reminds him she doesn't love him. Colin works to convince her to have a romantic dinner with him. Jill hands him a bag of chips. "This is as lovey-dovey as we're going to get." Colin smirks. "You keep telling yourself that." When he brings up the music box, she relents for a kiss. He tells her Katherine put something in the music box for her, but he removed it for safekeeping. He shows her a card that reads 'Rachel Berenson'. Jill is puzzled. In Billy's room, Jack tells him he confessed to sleeping with Kelly. When Victoria returns, Billy says Jack filled in the missing pieces. He apologizes for it coming out in public. Vikki asks if he was ever planning on telling her about Kelly. Billy swears he was, but he couldn't do it. He says it only happened because he was trying to stop the pain. She asks if it worked, and tells him he threw away their marriage for nothing.

Lauren hugs Michael at the station. She says she gave a statement. Michael apologizes for being away. She jokes about how many times she's been held hostage, but assures him she's fine. Lauren talks about Billy getting hurt and mentions his marriage may never be the same. She also tells Michael that Jill remarried Colin. They talk about what their marriage went through and wonder if Victoria will forgive Billy. Lauren tells Michael how relieved she is that Womack is dead. She says Fen is free and Carmine is gone. Michael hands her a postcard that came for her. Realizing it's from Carmine, Lauren becomes agitated. "It's like Sheila all over again!" Michael reassures her. Lauren reminds him Carmine can return now that Womack's dead. Michael learns Womack's people still have a contract out on Carmine. Lauren relaxes. She tosses the postcard from Puerto Rico in the trash.

Back at the Club, Lily leaves the twins with Cane so she can arrange for repairs to the ballroom. The twins mention the man who helped him. Cane nods. "He helped me. For once." Upstairs, Kelly asks Lily about her cellphone and wants to get the elephant out of the room. They discuss Kelly sleeping with Billy. Kelly hopes Billy and Victoria can get past it. Lily says it won't be easy. Kelly is surprised Lily's not attacking her after Lily notes it takes two - Billy's not blameless. She muses that sometimes these things happen. Kelly says she sounds like she's speaking from experience. Lily says she is, but was lucky enough to get through it. Kelly explains how Billy was in the same nightmare she was. Lily nods. "You had no one." Kelly assures Lily she has no illusions about Billy, and she's unhappy to have lost that friendship. Lily returns to Cane in time to hear the twins asking him if he has a dad. Once alone, Cane says he wasn't tempted to tell them Colin's his father. They agree he always has an agenda, although Cane doesn't know what it is this time. They talk about resuming their private celebration when he's healed.

Kelly returns to the hospital to apologize to Billy but Jack stops her. Stitch appears and agrees. She should leave before she makes things worse. Kelly wonders who he is to tell her that. In Billy's room, Victoria says she's not saying it's over. Billy tries to kiss her but she pulls back. "I can't."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan says to Nick, "This is about us protecting Nikki." Nick asks, "From what?" Dylan replies, "Ian Ward."

Paul realizes Nikki hasn't told Victor that Ward is in town.

Victor tells Chelsea she'll have to trust him. She asks, "Trust you? This is all happening because of you. You're the reason Adam's dead."

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