At the Club, Neil worries about Devon, Lily, and Cane still being in the ballroom. Victor enters and Paul fills him in. He calls Victoria to check on her and Billy. Devon appears and says the gunman wouldn't let him wait for Lily and Cane. Upstairs, Womack loses his temper with Cane, who is hesitating to leave. He hollers at the hiding cops to back off or things will get bad for the little lady.

At Sharon's place, she and Nick discuss her seeing Cassie. She knows it's in her head. Nick tells her to go up and get some rest - he'll stay there. Outside, the Cassie lookalike lurks. Once Nick's dozing on the sofa, she enters, but has to hide when Sharon brings Nick a blanket. It reminds him that today's their anniversary. They reminisce about their wedding day and flash to saying their vows. They get to talking about Cassie's death and how it affected them. Nick thinks Cassie's looking down on them and smiling because they're getting close again. Later, Sharon goes upstairs and the Cassie lookalike reports in to Victor by phone.

Chelsea is on the phone with the police when Kevin arrives at the penthouse. She tells him Chloe is gone with Connor and lied to Anita. Kevin tries to call Chloe but gets voicemail. He talks about Chloe becoming too attached to Connor. Chelsea gets frantic after he tells her about the baby book. Chelsea wonders if anyone else is involved and calls Victor, who asks her to explain what's going on, but she hangs up. They learn Esther hasn't seen Chloe. Kevin assures her Chloe will return. Soon, Victor arrives. He won't leave until he knows what's going on. Chelsea tells him, and says she suspects he's part of it. Victor protests he wouldn't do that. Chelsea lists the other things he did. Kevin is aghast to hear he knew about Adam. Victor says if she won't let him help, she could lose that boy. He hollers about the pain of losing a child. Chelsea says some of her clothes are missing. Victor asks about their passports. Chelsea finds them missing. Victor vows to find Connor.

On the plane, Chloe tells Connor they'll be in Paris tomorrow morning - just the two of them, the way it should be. A lady sits down and admires Connor. She introduces herself. Chloe says, "I'm Chelsea." The woman says Connor has beautiful eyes. They chat and Chloe acts like a proud mom. As the plane prepares for takeoff, the woman asks Chloe if she has other children. Chloe says her daughter's gone...but she still has Connor. The woman asks how long they're staying. Chloe says they're not coming back.

At the Club, Neil hears Harding tell Paul that Womack is using Lily as a shield. Neil freaks out and has a screaming match with Paul. Hilary reminds them Cane is still up there protecting her. Upstairs, Cane refuses to leave without his wife. A gunshot rings out and Lily screams. Downstairs, Neil has to be held back. Upstairs, Cane is shot but conscious. Lily kneels beside him. Harding heads downstairs. Neil learns that Womack fired the shot but they don't know if anyone was hit. Upstairs, Paul tries to talk to Womack through the door. Lily screams that Cane's been shot. Paul says he'll back off and phone again. Lily begs Womack to let them go to the hospital. Behind a curtain, Colin lurks with a gun. Downstairs, Leslie urges Neil to have faith. Nearby, Devon calls Esmerelda to break their date. Hilary reassures Devon that this isn't on him. Devon says buying the Club had turned into a nightmare. She jokes about her broken shower. Devon remembers her shower wall was hiding an old dumbwaiter. He shouts that they may have another way in. In the ballroom, Womack pulls Lily from Cane to use her as a shield. Cane lunges at Womack, but he gets the gun back and tells Cane it's over. Colin emerges and holds Womack at gunpoint. Womack drops his gun. Lily and Cane exit. Colin shuts the door. Womack and Colin argue about the botched plan. Colin says their deal ended when he shot his son. Womack lunges and they struggle over the gun. A shot is fired. Colin is fine and he bends over to pick up the diamonds but Harding stops him. Downstairs, Hilary and Devon share a relief hug when he learns Cane and Lily are alright. They all make their way back to the ballroom where Cane tells Colin he saved their lives.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lauren and Michael receive a postcard from Carmine. Lauren says this is never going to stop.

Stitch confronts Kelly about Victoria finding out about the affair with Billy.

Victoria tells Billy there are some things they need to discuss.

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