At the Club, Detective Harding tells an officer to gather information on Womack. Chelsea talks to Paul. Upstairs, Victoria asks Kelly if she slept with her husband. Kelly admits it. Colin reassures Womack in hushed tones, but Jill interrupts. She and Jack try to convince Womack to let Billy go. Those nearby hear Victoria tell Kelly, "Get your hands off my husband, tramp." Kelly tells Vikki to hate her tomorrow - Billy's going into shock and she can help. Jack is dispatched to get tablecloths to cover Billy. Leslie thinks she should offer to help Womack make a deal. Neil is against it. Downstairs, the SWAT team arrives and Paul and Harding strategize. They phone upstairs. Womack tells them he got a better offer on a plane - from Jack Abbott. Paul suggests he release some hostages. Womack hangs up. Kevin shows Lauren that he still has a cellphone in his jacket. He phones down to Harding and lets him hear that Billy is hurt. He leaves the line open. Harding tells Paul, "We've got ears." Meanwhile, Lily whispers to Cane about the guests getting upset. He muses that it may be time to break out the champagne. Downstairs, Chelsea leaves Anita a message that she's okay. In the ballroom, Cane, Tyler, Devon, and Neil have a plan. Lily rants at Womack and Colin gets in on it. After, Womack warns Colin, who assures him the wheels are turning. Devon and Neil stage a fake argument and Tyler hits Womack's sidekick over the head with a champagne bottle. A gunshot rings out. Cane grabs the free gun. The lights go off. Kevin lets Harding know one gunman is down. Paul phones Womack, who hollers about the lights. Paul demands Billy's release. Billy and Victoria exit the ballroom. Vikki answers Harding's questions. Billy says Kelly's name. Upstairs, Jack thanks Kelly for helping Billy but doesn't want to discuss what she did. Colin tells Jill he thinks this will all work out. She asks about the music box - in case they die. He says if they do, it's a moot point. Womack takes a call from Paul saying the plane is ready and to let the hostages go. Womack tells the guests it's time to go - for some of them. Once most of the guests are downstairs, Vikki slaps Kelly. Jill realizes Colin is still in the ballroom. Upstairs, Devon is freed, and Womack says Cane can go but he refuses to leave Lily. Lily insists. Cane turns at the door as Womack tells Lily he warned her that her mouth would get her in trouble.

Nikki is stunned to see Ian at the ranch door again. She says he doesn't impress her or scare her. He tells her he didn't come back for her. Nikki jolts awake - it was a nightmare.

At Avery's place, she and Dylan have made love. They cuddle and discuss whether she was expecting an engagement ring. Avery says couples get engaged on Valentine's Day all the time - she doesn't want to be like those people. They admit they do think about marriage, and it's a nice thought. Avery talks about the past. They discuss Stitch's marriage and Chelsea. They agree on all of it. Nikki arrives and they talk about Ian. Avery says she saw him - he was smarmy. Nikki warns Dylan, who is confident Ian won't get to him. Nikki says Ian convinced her black was white and up was down - she's glad Dylan sees him as a man with no power. After, Dylan worries to Avery about Nikki's stress. He decides he'll make Ian leave everyone alone.

Summer and Faith chat at Crimson Lights. Ian interrupts. Summer tells him they're celebrating Faith's performance tonight. Faith complains that grandma and grandpa couldn't come. Summer says Vikki sent grandma a picture. Faith goes inside and Ian works his magic on Summer. They agree to meet tomorrow.

At the airport, an employee tells Chloe, who is holding Connor, that she is all set for her flight to Paris and calls her Ms. Lawson. Chloe learns there will be a delay to de-ice the plane. Soon, they're cleared to go.

At the penthouse, Chelsea calls out for Anita. Suddenly Anita's at the door. Chelsea asks about Connor. Anita says Chloe relieved her, like she told her to. Chelsea says she didn't, and frantically calls Chloe's name. Anita finds out Chloe left with the baby all bundled up. Chelsea's sure she's driving him around.

At the ranch, Nikki recalls Ian placing his hand on her shoulder years ago.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Sharon and Nick realizes it's their anniversary.

Chelsea tells Victor that Chloe took Connor and they left and she doesn't know where they are.

Cane asks Womack, "Can you let go of my wife?" Womack aims his gun. Lily screams as a shot rings out. Downstairs, Neil and Leslie look up.

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