At the gala, Jack tries to reason with Womack. Colin encourages Womack to grab the diamonds and run. Womack locks the door and orders Abby to collect the cellphones and Lily to pick up the diamonds.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick she saw Cassie in the park and has even touched her. Nick understands how much she misses her. Sharon says it's more than that. Sharon says it made sense when she was off her meds... Nick feels there has to be a logical explanation. He decides they need to see her therapist.

In the park, Victor tells Cassie's lookalike he no longer needs her services. She says that's too bad, she was making progress - Sharon referred to keeping a secret. "She totally thinks I'm Cassie." Victor recalls meeting the raven-haired lookalike at Crimson Lights and hiring her. Victor warns the girl she's not to do irreparable damage but should find out the secret. The girl says it's hard to get Sharon alone - she's spending a lot of time with his son. Victor wants the secret - fast. Victor has just asked the girl why she was in Genoa City, when they hear Nick and Sharon coming. Nick tells Sharon he might see a shrink since he's eaten alive every day by what he did to Jack, Summer, and Phyllis. Later, Victor looks at Katherine's plaque and knows she'd kick his ass for what he's doing, but he also knows she understands the importance of protecting family.

Paul is dealing with Chavez's bored stand-in, Detective Harding, at the station when Fen shows up looking for Christine. Fen tells Paul he saw Womack at the Club and he told him to forget he saw him. The detective tells Paul there's a situation at the GCAC.

At the Club, Womack orders the women to take off their jewelry. His sidekick says the cops are out front. Devon claims he called them and Womack aims to shoot him. Lily and Cane both jump in. Womack's sidekick sticks his gun in Cane's back. Colin intervenes. Womack makes everyone sit down. Jill whispers to Colin, "Since when are you a good guy?" He says she's made him a better man. Downstairs, Paul and the cops learn the security cameras have been turned off. Upstairs, Kevin tells Womack to give up; the place is surrounded. Womack decides to take the former D.A.'s wife as insurance. Lauren cowers against Kevin, who declares that someone has to stand up to this bully. Downstairs, they hear a gunshot ring out. In the ballroom, Billy was hit by a falling chandelier and Chelsea's arm was grazed. Jack, Victoria, and Jill fuss. Kelly looks panicked. Womack bellows for them to shut up and let him think. Whispering ensues. Leslie says Womack's a criminal but not a killer. Downstairs, Paul wonders how to get in. He phones Womack, who tells the crowd they're about to find out how much they're worth to the GCPD. Womack tells Paul he wants a plane; fueled up and waiting on the tarmac. Paul wants the hostages released. Womack says no one gets out until the plane's ready. Downstairs, Harding shows Paul an air duct that might be a way in. Upstairs, Colin has a hushed conversation with Cane, Lily, Devon, and Jill about Womack and the doll. Colin says he's a small town thug who lucked into a big score. Billy tries to take Womack by surprise but gets punched in the stomach. Jack sits next to Kelly, who says she didn't know he and Billy were brothers. Jack says Billy mentioned her - they're grateful she was a friend to him. Downstairs, Detective Harding tells Paul he pulled Fen out of the duct work. Fen protests that he knows Womack. Upstairs, Vikki hollers that Billy needs a doctor. Kelly tells Womack she knows first-aid and joins Vikki at Billy's side. Disoriented, Billy tells Victoria he's sorry. "I didn't mean for it to happen." Kelly tells him to stop talking. Billy says, "You told her didn't you? You swore you wouldn't tell her." Nearby, Jack tries to negotiate to get Billy out. Womack says if he can walk out, he can go. Jack also agrees to call his pilot if Chelsea is freed. Chelsea exits. Jack is told he has twenty minutes to line up his pilot or he'll start shooting people. Downstairs, Chelsea fills Paul in. Upstairs, Vikki wants to know what Billy meant. Kelly tries to keep him quiet, but he says it was only once and meant nothing to him. Vikki realizes Kelly slept with her husband.

Back at Sharon's house, she thanks Nick for being so good to her - she doesn't deserve it from him. He tells her he'll never walk away from her. Sharon dozes off and Nick hears a noise. Cassie's lookalike lurks outside.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Neil, Tyler, Devon, and Cane cook up a plan.

The airline attendant tells Chloe, who is holding Connor, that she is all set for her flight to Paris and calls her Ms. Lawson.

Nikki opens her door to Ian who tells her, "Don't be frightened of me, Nikki."

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