At the gala, Chloe asks Chelsea why she came - her husband is the reason they're all there! Chelsea worries she shouldn't have come. Neil spirits her away. Lily and Cane wonder if Jill will bring Colin. Downstairs, Jill tells Colin she's only in the marriage to find out what he knows about the music box. Colin says she needs to convince everyone she wants to be with him at the gala. Jill thinks he'll hurt Cane and Lily. He promises to be a good boy. In the steam room, Devon and Esmerelda kiss while Hilary shakes her head outside the door. Nick, Sharon, Summer, and Faith arrive at the Club, followed by Victoria and Billy. Vikki takes a call from Nikki, who says she doesn't feel up to coming. Meanwhile, Chloe finds Chelsea and apologizes. Chelsea says she came to support her. Chloe wants her there. Nearby, Abby asks Neil why he's making Tyler work tonight. Neil says he's not. After, Leslie wonders to Neil if Mariah has anything to do with Tyler's absence. Kelly goes downstairs and sees Vikki kissing Billy. They exchange pleasantries. Upstairs, Cane spots Colin and Jill as the twins get ready to perform. Lauren is appalled to hear Jill married Colin. Billy is upset too. Victoria starts the show. As the kids perform, Chloe flashes to Delia. She has to go, but tells Kevin to stay. She says she'll never forget how he's been there for her. After the show, Nick and Victoria are glad Victor hasn't showed up. Billy tells Faith that Delia would be smiling from heaven. Colin talks to Cane, hinting they'll believe he's changed soon. Fen says goodbye to Lauren and catches up with Summer, who is taking Faith home. They make plans to get together. Once alone, Fen is confronted by Womack. He warns Fen not to tell anyone he saw him there tonight. Upstairs, Jill tells Kevin not to worry about Chloe - tomorrow is another day. Billy is sorry Chloe left before he could talk to her. Devon agrees to meet Esmerelda later, which causes Hilary to snark at him. He thinks she sounds jealous and says he and Esmerelda are just having fun. Womack enters the gala and locates the doll. Colin appears. He says Michael Baldwin's out of town - everything should go smoothly. Colin rejoins Jill and Lauren, who were talking about Fen. Womack slyly enters the code on the doll case. Nearby, Vikki and Billy tell Jack that Victor's out of their lives. Downstairs, Sharon sees Cassie and takes off outside after her. Nick follows. Tyler returns and Abby is furious that he went to see Mariah. Chelsea tells Jack she's leaving but Lily starts the auction. She unveils the doll, but it's gone. Womack is exiting with it. He's caught and diamonds fall out of the doll during the struggle. Womack pulls a gun.

At the ranch, Victor asks Nikki if she's unwell. She says she just doesn't feel up to the gala. She tells him if he thinks he's going, he's lost his mind. Victor says of course he's going, why wouldn't he? They argue about him going to try and set things right with Nicholas and Victoria. She tells him it's not going to happen tonight. Nikki tells him about Summer's visit and says he only ends up hurting people. Victor realizes she's not well and asks her not to get herself upset over this. He gives her a Valentine's Day card and says he had Forrester design a gown just for her. Nothing that has happened has diminished his love for her. She says nothing is going to change what he's done to their family. She goes upstairs. Victor phones someone and says he needs to see them right away.

Anita is surprised to see Chloe arrive at the penthouse to relieve her. Chloe tells Anita to go - she'll look out for Connor now. Anita questions her. Chloe gives her a rundown and urges her to go home and put her feet up. Anita leaves, and says she hopes tomorrow is a better day for her. Chloe is sure it will be. Later, Chloe phones for a car to the airport. "I'll be waiting in the lobby with my son."

Sharon catches up to Cassie in the park and asks why she's doing this. "Is it because of the secret?" Cassie asks, "What secret?" Nick shouts to Sharon. She turns and Cassie is gone. Later, Victor meets Cassie in the park.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon tells Nick she's been lying to him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Womack tells the gala guest that they're about to find out what their lives are worth to the GCPD.

Paul tells his officers they have to exhaust every option before they resort to blasting into that room.

The Cassie lookalike says to Victor, "She totally thinks I'm Cassie." Victor smirks. "Of course she does. You're a dead ringer. I still can't believe it."

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