At the gala, Lily rants at someone on the phone about security for the doll. Cane kisses her cheek and says he took care of it. Cane puts Kelly in charge and spirits Lily away. Kelly spots Jack at the bar. Lauren chats with Neil and Leslie about marriage. Neil avoids answering if they've set a date but admits they decided not to use David Tutera. Upstairs, Cane takes Lily into a beautifully decorated suite. "Happy Anniversary. Happy Valentine's Day." He starts undressing and they kiss on the bed. Back at the gala, Chloe tells Kevin and Esther she'd planned to get Delia a doll today. Leslie tells Chloe that Delia must have been special. Chloe excuses herself. Neil asks Jack how he's holding up and says he's always available. Hilary arrives, followed by Abby and Tyler. Devon notices Esmerelda. Tyler suggests he talk to her. Devon greets Hilary first. "Hello, friend." By the bar, Jack and Kelly introduce themselves. He chuckles at her assuming he's her blind date. Hilary appears. Kelly's real date introduces himself. She and Jack gaze at each other as she goes. Hilary fixes Jack's ties and kisses him. Shocked, she rambles an apology. He reassures her. Devon hears and shakes his head. Tyler gets a call from Mariah and agrees to meet her. He makes an excuse to Abby. Devon talks to Chloe about the gala and Delia. She thanks him, but squirms. Esther asks if she's okay, and Chloe snaps at her. Lily and Cane rejoin the gala and kiss. Neil tells Leslie they need to define how they're moving forward. She says she has something for him - tickets to a jazz concert in Chicago. She says she loves him if they're married or not. Devon approaches Esmerelda, who is rude until she learns he's the owner. He offers a private tour. Abby tells Chloe she feels bad about Adam and offers to come up with a marketing project for the Delia fund. Chloe snaps that she's not a project. Kevin asks if she's okay. She tells him to stop and goes to chat with Cane and Lily. Jack goes downstairs to call Phyllis and tell her he wishes she were there. He gets teary. Upstairs, Hilary looks for Devon. Kevin tells Lauren that this is hard for Chloe, and he's worried about her obsession with Connor. Esther tells Chloe she has to run home and get the collage she made. Neil talks to Chloe about Delia and she thanks him and walks off. Kelly tells the blind date it's not working.

Dylan and Stitch joke at Crimson Lights. Stitch then admits his wife started divorce proceedings. He muses that there are some things a married couple can't get past. Dylan hears that loud and clear. Dylan tries to find out what happened. Stitch says neither of them cheated but something big happened. "I can't do this." Dylan changes the subject to Chelsea and Connor. Stitch says he wants to be there for his son but his wife won't let him. Dylan urges him to fight. Talk turns to Valentine's Day plans. Dylan is seeing Avery later. Stitch is working.

Chelsea opens her door to Avery, who wonders if she can help. Chelsea recalls she once believed Dylan was dead. Chelsea says she thinks Adam's alive, but he can't come back anyway. Avery says she feels Adam was planning to turn himself in since the videotape was such an official-sounding confession. Chelsea says she loved him, but others think she shouldn't. She appreciates Avery stopping by and says it was nice that Dylan came by too, which takes Avery by surprise.

Avery greets Dylan at her door by asking why he didn't tell her he'd visited Chelsea. She admits she visited her too. Dylan gives her a heart-shaped wooden box he made. "There' something in it." It's a necklace. She's surprised; he's not a jewelry type of guy. He puts it on her neck where he likes to kiss. It's a ruby - a healer of the heart - like her. Avery puts on lingerie and they kiss on the sofa.

Chelsea arrives at the Club and spots Jack downstairs. She tells him she's afraid to go upstairs to the gala. He says he loved Adam too and will escort her. Upstairs, Devon is making out with Esmerelda in the steam room when Hilary looks in. In the gala room, Abby tells Leslie that Tyler will be back soon. Lauren asks Chloe how Chelsea is doing. Chloe loses it and starts yelling about Chelsea's sick bastard of a husband killing her little girl as Jack enters with Chelsea.

Tyler walks up to a door and knocks. Mariah pulls him inside.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

At the gala Colin tells Jill this night will be one she'll never forget.

Womack tells Fenmore that he'll pay his debt to him tonight. Fen asks, "How?"

Nikki says to Victor, "If you think you're going, you're out of your mind." Victor replies, "Of course I'm going. Why wouldn't I go?"

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