Anita arrives at the penthouse and tells Chelsea she needs to pull herself together. She reminds her she's about to get a widow's inheritance. "What more could you want?" Chelsea says, "Adam." Anita suggests she get back to work. Chelsea doesn't know how to get past this with Chloe. She feels guilty, angry and hurt.

At Sharon's place, Nick tells her what Victor did this time. She says he'll never change. Faith appears. She's afraid of the phantasm. She tells Nick a ghost wrote the word in the game. Sharon claims she did it but forgot. Nick tells Faith if she's going to be his Valentine she'd better get some sleep. Faith asks, "Who's going to be Mommy's Valentine?" Sharon says she has lots of love in her life. Later, Nick asks Sharon about the weird goings-on She says she's afraid her meds have stopped working. He asks if she's seeing Cassie again. She says she'll get her dosage adjusted. Nick suggests they go to the gala together tomorrow night.

At the hospital, Stitch and Victoria realize Billy has left the premises.

Billy confronts Victor at the ranch. He wants to know why he argued with Victoria. Nikki appears and worries about Billy's condition.

Chloe meets with Lily and Cane at the Club about the gala. Chloe mentions Valentine's Day is Delia's birthday. They remember when she was born. Kelly arrives and they look at the antique doll - The Snow Queen. Cane says the winner will get the code to unlock the case. Lily talks about the twins performing and Chloe leaves. Lily feels bad. Kelly says Adam Newman bought a table. Lily shows her the twins' costumes. Colin appears. He can't wait to see his grandkids wearing those. Kelly takes a call from Ben, who is looking for Billy. Cane joins Lily and Colin, who is complaining about Lily keeping his grandkids from him. He plans to be at the gala. After, Colin promises Cane he'll be on his best behavior. Cane vows to make him pay if he does anything.

At the hospital, Victoria realizes Billy may have gone to confront her father.

Victoria arrives at the ranch as Billy, Nikki, and Victor argue. She asks what they've told him. Billy hollers, "Nothing!" Victoria tells him what Victor did. Victor says he kept it a secret to save Connor from Adam. Billy screams, "You're not God!" Victor hollers that Billy's a hypocrite and rants about him leaving Delia alone. Billy collapses. Victoria says this was about him getting his hands on Connor, nothing else. Victoria disowns him and quits her job. He yells, "You'll come back. You always do!" After, Victor blames Jack to Nikki. She tells him, "It's you. All you." She says he might get the kids back if he admits it. He tells her to mind her own business. She says it is her business.

Lily arrives at the penthouse to return Adam's donation to the Delia foundation. Anita thinks Chelsea should use the gala table. Chelsea and Anita bicker. Lily leaves. Anita tells Chelsea to walk into that ballroom with her head held high and not be dragged down by Adam's crime. Chelsea decides she'll go...for Chloe and Delia.

At the station, Kevin takes down the reward poster of Delia. Chloe arrives and she can't go to the gala. Kevin remembers Delia passing out valentines to the hospital kids with a smile on her face. He thinks Chloe is just as brave. Chloe will go if he goes with her.

At the hospital, Kelly asks Stitch if Billy's been found. He warns her if he figured out they slept together, others could too. Victoria arrives with Billy. After, Vikki assures Billy that Victor will never come near their family again.

Lily returns to the Club where Cane warns Colin will be at the gala. He reminds her their anniversary is Valentine's Day. Nearby, Colin says into the phone that the doll's in place. He assumes they have the code and tells them to do everything as they planned.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan gives Avery a wooden heart-shaped box he made for her. "There's something inside."

Cane says to Lily, "Happy Valentine's Day."

Chelsea tells Jack she's afraid to go into the gala. She's afraid when she walks into that room everyone will hate her.

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