At the hospital, Billy argues with Stitch about staying in the hospital. In the hall, Jack tells Nick and Victoria that Victor knew Adam was the hit-and-run driver and cut a deal with him. He tells them Nikki just found out too. Victor claims Jack's just trying to get back at him for having Jabot investigated. Nick realizes by Victor's behavior that it's true. Jack leaves. Victoria hisses at Victor, "You knew!" Victor asks what good it would have done if he'd told them any of it. He insists that everything he has done is for his family. Nick mutters, "Tell that to Adam." He leaves. Victor says he didn't want things to end this way. Victoria scoffs at the idea Victor cares about them. She yells that he could have given Billy peace. Billy hears the commotion and tries to get out of bed. Stitch grabs him - he'll check on Victoria. Victoria tells Victor he's out of their lives. After, Stitch appears and says Billy was worried about her. She says she had a blowout with her father, but she won't tell Billy until he's stronger. Stitch says she's a good woman. Vikki visits Billy and downplays her clash with Victor. Later, Victoria and Stitch realize Billy's gone.

Summer arrives at the ranch and tells Nikki she came to tell Victor that what happened at the photo shoot wasn't Jack's fault. She wonders why Victor can't see that the fighting with Jack hurts her. Nikki says she'll try to talk to him. Summer tells Nikki she met a life coach who wrote a book. They hug. Outside, Summer looks at Ian's card. Later, Victor enters and tells Nikki what happened at the hospital. She says he brought this on himself. Alone, Victor answers the door - it's Billy. "What did you say to upset my wife?"

At the Club, Ian offers Avery some words of wisdom. She won't play along and asks what he's after. She warns Ian he won't be able to influence Dylan and says she won't buy his garbage either. He comments on her anger and bitterness and muses that she's close to his son so they'll be spending a lot of time together. Avery says Dylan wants nothing to do with him. Ian says that's because of Nikki. He knows Avery cares about the truth. He reaches for her hand. She hisses, "Get your hand off me." Avery says she's certain if she did some digging she'd find dozens of girls he's violated. He gets a call from Summer and says he'll call her back. He tells Avery he has more than one reason to stay in Genoa City. He theorizes that Avery's father let her down and she's taking it out on him. Avery tells him if he cares about Dylan he'll leave town.

At the penthouse, Chelsea flashes to happily telling Victoria she and Adam were leaving for Paris. She tells Connor that his daddy will be back. The doorbell rings - it's Dylan checking on them. They talk about Adam. Chelsea says so many people wanted to see him dead but he didn't give them the satisfaction. They debate about whether he could have survived. Chelsea insists she feels that he's not dead and talks about her mixed emotions. Dylan holds Connor. Jack arrives. "We need to talk." Dylan leaves. Jack tells Chelsea about Victor blackmailing Adam. She realizes that's why Adam let Victor hold Connor at the blessing. She can't believe he used a child's death in this way. She vows Victor won't get to her. Jack says he will protect her. Chelsea rants that she doesn't need anyone's help. Alone, Chelsea asks Adam's picture why he let her fall for him all over again knowing how this would end.

Dylan meets Avery at the Club. She warns Ian was there trying to get inside her head. Ian watches them from around the corner.

At Crimson Lights, Nick runs into Summer. She says he seems down. He talks about his bad choices affecting her. She says he was protecting his family. He mutters, "Like father, like son." He warns her to keep her distance from Victor. She's confused. He tells her she can handle anything. On her way out, Ian calls her back. He tells her she's not alone and he can help her.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Faith, sitting with Nick and Sharon, asks, "Who's going to be Mommy's valentine?"

Colin asks Lily, "You'd keep a grandpa away from his grandkids?" Lily retorts, "Get out of our lives."

Victoria looks on as Billy shouts at Victor, "You knew Adam's secret and that makes you as guilty as he is!" Victor bellows, "You look at yourself!"

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