At the penthouse, Victor tells Chelsea that if Jack and Sharon really wanted the best for Connor they wouldn't keep him from his family. Chelsea says it was Adam's wish that Jack be his legal guardian. Chloe arrives. She doesn't want Victor anywhere near Connor. Chelsea asks, "I need your permission?" Victor tells Chelsea to call if she needs anything and leaves. Chloe grills Chelsea about what he wanted. They argue about whether Adam is dead or not. Chloe says he's dead and it's the best thing that could have happened. Chloe rants about Adam until Chelsea hollers at her to shut up. She can't listen to this anymore - to everyone telling her what to do. She decides she'll take Connor on the next fight to Paris. Chloe says there's no way in hell she's doing that! Chloe then apologizes for acting like a psycho. They embrace. Chelsea goes up to Connor and Chloe steals her and Connor's passports before leaving.

At the hospital, Jack asks Billy what he did to Adam. Billy says he wanted him to die, but not where Delia died, so he made him drive elsewhere. Jack asks, "Then what?" Billy says, "Mission accomplished." He's glad he's dead. In the corridor, Stitch tells Victoria there's something she should know about Billy. He flashes to Kelly admitting she slept with him. Vikki doesn't think she can take more bad news. Stitch sighs. He says Billy has a concussion and she'll need to watch him. Victoria mentions Billy taking his marriage vows seriously and Stitch grimaces. Vikki thinks it's because his own marriage is in trouble. Stitch goes in to see Billy. Jack exits. Stitch tells Billy he can't go home yet. Billy talks about Victoria. In the corridor, Victor asks Jack how Billy's doing. Jack scoffs that Victor doesn't care about Billy. He'd like to shout from the rooftops what Victor did, but it wouldn't change anything.

Kelly and Lily discuss the gala at the Club. The twins argue nearby. Lily tells Kelly their lunatic grandfather is back in town. She asks if she has kids. Kelly says Sam was 7 when he died. Kelly says she survived but her marriage didn't. Lily thinks the Delia Project will be good for Billy and Victoria's marriage. Later, Lily says Victoria called with good news - Billy is going to be fine and she secured an antique doll for the auction. Kelly is too excited to hear about Billy and quickly focuses on the doll. They do a press release for GC Buzz and talk about Victoria. Lily says she's sweet but you don't want to cross her. Lily decides Kelly needs a date for the gala. She says, "Leave it to me."

At the station, Michael, Kevin, and Lauren look on as Christine signs Fenmore out. She warns them to never divulge that Carmine's alive. Lauren is still worried about Womack. Christine finds out he's being released that day. After, Kevin and Michael talk about Chloe. Kevin says she has developed an unhealthy obsession with Connor. Michael thinks she'll get perspective in time. Christine returns Fen's belongings and Lauren and Michael watch Fen and Kevin play fight.

At the prison, Womack is about to be released. He calls someone and says he'll soon be free. He asks about a shipment. The person tells him to check GC Buzz.

Nick kisses Faith at Crimson Lights and asks her to be his Valentine.

Sharon sees Cassie in the elevator at Jabot. The door closes. Sharon bangs on it and hollers, "Cassie what are you doing here?"

At Sharon's house, she wonders why Cassie is following her. Nick and Faith enter and startle her. She admits to Nick that something happened today. She talks about her run-in with Victor at the penthouse. Sharon jumps at a noise. Nick says it was Faith closing a drawer. He leaves, and says they'll talk more later. Faith goes upstairs, and Sharon to the kitchen. When they return, the word 'phantasm' is spelled out on the coffee table.

Lauren, Michael, Kevin, and Fen celebrate Fen's release at Crimson Lights and talk about going to the gala, where Fenmore's has bought a table. They toast to putting the past behind them.

Victoria returns to the hospital with Nick in time to hear Jack yelling at Victor about blackmailing his own son. They want to know what Jack means. Victor says Jack's making outlandish accusations because he's having Jabot investigated. Jack gets his back up. He tells them Victor knew for some time that Adam was the driver and made a deal with him - access to Connor to keep the secret.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery asks Ian, "What exactly are you after?"

Chelsea is surprised to see Dylan at her door. "What are you doing here?"

Victor says to Nick and Vikki, "Don't you see he's using this to get back at me." Jack says that's absolutely absurd. Victor booms, "No, it's not!"

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