Nikki and Victor discuss Adam at the ranch. She knows he's hurting knowing that if he'd told the police about Adam in time he might still be alive. She says she won't tell Vikki and Nick that he knew, but warns Jack will tell the world. Victor doesn't give a damn what Jack thinks. Nikki has a check-up with Dr. Costner and assures Victor she'll report back - she knows what it's like not to get the whole truth from your spouse.

In Billy's hospital room, Vikki wonders how he's so sure Adam is dead. An officer arrives and asks Billy to ID his gun from the crash site. Billy isn't sure and doesn't remember it discharging. The officer goes. Billy admits to Victoria he's had the gun since Myanmar, but says there's nothing else to tell - she knows everything. In the corridor, Stitch tells Kelly he knows her and believes she slept with Billy. Kelly admits they had one night together. Stitch tells her to leave Billy alone and not make it worse. She responds, "You're going to preach to me about morality?" He says he's not the enemy; never was. Kelly tells him to stop playing the victim - she's not the reason his wife wants nothing to do with him. Nikki arrives as Stitch warns Kelly not to take 'that guy' to bed again. Nikki joins them, compliments Stitch, and chats with Kelly about Adam and the Delia Foundation before excusing herself.

At Jabot, Hilary and Jack talk about Adam. Jack marvels that Adam watched him sign the legal guardianship papers for Connor knowing he'd taken his niece. Jack talks about Victor holding it over Adam's head while Billy sunk deeper into despair. Jack struggles to understand how Adam lied. Hilary says Chelsea needs him now, just like she did before.

Sharon visits Chelsea at the penthouse. She tells her they are the only two people who really knew Adam. Chelsea says they know what happened must have been an accident, but what about what the rest of the world will think. Sharon wants to discuss a memorial. Chelsea says there won't be one - Adam's still alive. She thinks she saw Adam last night when she dozed off. Sharon shares about seeing Cassie sometimes - it's a trick your brain plays on you. They discuss the past and their love for Adam. The doorbell rings. Sharon goes to check Connor. Chelsea lets Victor in. He invites Chelsea to come live in the 'safe haven' of the ranch. Sharon reappears and says that's the last place Adam would want his wife and child. She reminds Chelsea it was the thing Adam feared the most. Victor wants to take Chelsea and Connor to the ranch. Jack appears. "There's no way you're going anywhere with that little boy." He warns Chelsea about trusting Victor. Sharon tells Chelsea to listen to Jack, and leaves. Jack reminds Victor that he signed documents to make sure he had no access to Connor. Chelsea says Adam knew this would happen. Chelsea tells Jack that Adam loved him. He goes. Chelsea tries to get Victor to leave, but he vows to protect her and Connor and offers to have a house built next to the stables. Chelsea looks at her ring. Elsewhere, Adam's bloodied hand with his wedding band on moves in the snow.

Leslie finds Neil in the park. He confronts her about not showing up for the meeting with David Tutera. She apologizes - it slipped her mind. Neil says it's their wedding, how could it just slip her mind? He jokes about circus performers at their reception and then seriously asks where her heart is in all of this. He thinks she doesn't really want to marry him. She admits the wedding may not be happening. She doesn't see the point of marriage. Neil thinks she doesn't love him enough. She counters that she loves him enough she pretended to care about getting married when it's not who she is. She asks him to consider that maybe there's another way. Leslie tells him as long as it's just the two of them, she's all in with whatever he wants. They kiss.

Nikki arrives home and seems to be in pain.

At Jabot, Hilary tells Sharon that Jack won't be back for awhile. Sharon is happy Hilary's there for him. Sharon walks to the elevator and sees Cassie inside. She doesn't get in.

Jack arrives in Billy's hospital room. Vikki steps out and talks to Stitch about Billy and the Delia Foundation. She mentions calling Kelly. Stitch says there's something she needs to know. Jack tells Billy their dad was watching out for him.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch tells Victoria he wouldn't be much of a friend if he didn't tell her what is going on.

Chelsea yells at Chloe, "I'm taking Connor on the next flight to Paris." Chloe responds, "There's not a chance in hell I'm going to let you do that."

Victor asks Jack, "Is there anyone I love that will be safe from your need for retribution?"

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