At the hospital, Stitch asks Victoria how she and Billy are doing. She says it's been really hard for Billy. Stitch advises her to take care of herself so she can care for Billy. Meanwhile, Jill grills Billy about his injuries in his room. They talk about the driver being Adam. Jill asks what happened out there. Billy asks where she's been. She says she'll tell him later and says there's nothing she wouldn't do to help him. Jill muses about how she wishes she'd been there for him more. They squeeze hands. Victoria enters. In the corridor, Kelly asks Stitch about Billy. Jill steps out of Billy's room and Leslie arrives to meet her. Jill asks, "How soon can I get my husband deported?" Leslie urges Jill to divorce him. Jill muses that she could get it annulled - they haven't consummated it. In the room, Billy hears squealing tires. Victoria fusses over him. He gets angry that they haven't found Adam's body yet. Victoria calms him and goes to see what she can find out. She comes upon Kelly snarling at Stitch that Billy almost died - she wants to see him for herself. Victoria apologizes for not calling her and suggests she go see him. Victoria talks to Stitch about how strange it was that Kelly pulled away from her friendship with Billy. In Billy's room, Kelly says she never stopped caring about him. They talk about Adam. Kelly seems surprised that Adam confessed. She assures Billy closure will come. Stitch watches as Kelly reaches out for Billy's hand. Victoria returns and Kelly leaves. Stitch stops her. "You slept with him, didn't you?" Meanwhile, Victoria tells Billy it's possible Adam is still alive. Billy says he's not. She asks, "How do you know?"

Cane arrives at the Chancellor estate and punches Colin in the stomach. Cane wants to know what he's up to. "Why are you really here?" Colin says he wants to make amends; he's changed. Cane scoffs. He thinks Colin is after money, but Colin points out that Jill is nearly broke. He touches the music box and asks Cane, "Where's the motive?" Cane says he won't be involved with his family. Colin asks about his new business. Cane grudgingly tells him about the Club and then thinks he's come back to target Devon. Colin rolls his eyes. He insists he's changed. Jill arrives and Cane asks what Colin has over her. Jill says nothing and thanks him for stopping by. Cane warns her to make Colin stay away from his wife and kids. Once alone, Jill tells Colin she detests this charade - she wants an annulment. Colin says they need each other. Jill wants to know why she needs him. Colin says he has a tasty tidbit - the significance of the music box. He tells her it's a good thing she didn't get rid of it. "I know it's valuable. I got that much from Katherine." She asks why he didn't steal it. He says she's the key to unlocking the mystery - they have to figure it out together. Jill agrees not to end the marriage. Colin says they'll discuss what Katherine told him over a romantic dinner.

Neil meets with David Tutera at the Club. Tutera says they need to dive in - he can't wait for Leslie. He shows Neil some stuff he already ran by Leslie and gets frustrated that they can't lock anything in. He asks about their long engagement. Neil can't answer that either. Neil is unable to reach Leslie and won't sign off on anything. Tutera leaves. Neil leaves Leslie a message about missing their meeting. Cane arrives and talks to Neil about Colin's return. "It's not going to be good." Cane warns he knows about Devon's inheritance. Neil says Jill better wake up soon.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler doesn't look impressed when Abby says she invited Mariah to join them for coffee. Abby admits she left her a message challenging her to show up unless she was too afraid to meet her. Tyler tells her it's a very bad idea. He wants to leave - he's worried about an ugly situation developing. Abby is confident they can come at her like a united front and diffuse her. Tyler agrees to face her together. Leslie arrives to grab coffee and is stunned to hear they're expecting Mariah. Suddenly, Leslie realizes she forgot about meeting Neil and takes off. Later, Tyler tells Abby that Mariah's clearly not showing up - she must have scared her out of Genoa City. Abby leaves and Tyler calls Mariah and arranges to meet her at her hotel.

Leslie arrives at the Club. Cane tells her Neil left, and he's not in a good mood.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Victor if he'd told the police the truth about Adam he might still be alive.

Leslie tells Neil, "It slipped my mind." Neil says, "This is our wedding, how could it just slip your mind?"

Billy is asked, "Is this your gun?"

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