Nick arrives at the ranch and tells Nikki he came to check on her and Victor. Nikki says he's not there - she's not his first choice in times of crisis. Nick thinks Adam's death will hit him hard. Nikki falls on Nick when she tries to stand up. Nick wants to call the doctor. Nikki argues. They discuss Adam's death being difficult. Nick says Billy's checked into Memorial. He thinks something else is bothering Nikki. She admits Ian Ward's in town. Nick blames Dylan, but Nikki says she's the reason he's here. Nick is upset that he came to the ranch. Nikki says it won't happen again. Nick is stunned to hear that Victor doesn't know yet.

At Avery's place, she tells Dylan she's upset because Adam's dead. "I could have prevented this." She tells him she had his videotape and could have watched it; she knows he must have figured out he hit Delia after the fact. She worries no one will mourn him. They talk about Billy. Avery says Dylan wouldn't go vigilante like him. They reflect on Connor not having a dad. Nick arrives. He confronts Dylan about Ian Ward being in town. He asks Dylan to help him find Ward. Nick suggests a truce. Dylan agrees.

Jack, Esther, Cane, Lily, and Devon are wondering where Jill is, when she walks into the Chancellor mansion with Colin...her husband. Everyone gapes. Jack says they've been trying to reach her for days. She's only concerned about Billy. Cane wants to know why she brought Colin back. Jill says they just happened to run into each other. She flashes to being chloroformed. She says she was shocked at how delighted to see him she was, and flashes to being handcuffed and calling him a disgusting pig. Colin bickers with Jack and Cane. Jill says she hasn't forgot the horrible things he did, but her feelings came back. She flashes to him talking about their sex life and proposing. Lily asks what's really going on. Colin protests that he has no intention of hurting anyone. Jack tells Jill to come to see Billy tomorrow...alone. Jill says Colin loves her. She flashes to Colin telling her he needs to marry her so he can stay in the country. Jill says Colin captured her heart...all of her really. She flashes to being locked up. Cane sneers about them having such a good time together. Colin flashes to telling Jill the police were looking for Billy and making her sign a pre-nup under duress. No one believes they fell in love again. Cane warns Colin away from his kids. After, Colin asks Esther to prepare their room. Esther tells Jill that Mrs. C wouldn't like this. Later, the music box falls and plays. Jill hisses, "Shut up, Katherine." Jill later tells Colin their marriage is worth as much as the piece of junk Katherine left her. Colin holds the music box and grins.

At Sharon's house, she and Summer discuss Adam's death before talk turns to Summer's modeling career. Summer wants her advice because she feels she can come to her about important things. Summer admits she's not sure about modeling anymore, but doesn't want to disappoint anyone. Sharon tells her to follow her heart. Summer wants to make Phyllis proud when she comes back. Sharon says she can have her advice any time. Later, Sharon sees Cassie and tells her to go away. She's startled to feel Cassie. Sharon wonders what's happening to her.

In the park, Courtney tells Noah she's arresting the guy for selling drugs. "I'm a cop." Later, she explains she's least she was, and Chavez is her contact 'Zach' at the GCPD. She describes how she pretended to be a high school student. She didn't lie about her feelings for Noah. Noah can't believe she's a narc. He can't trust her - she lied about everything. She says she loves him. Noah says he fell in love with Summer's friend - that girl doesn't exist.

Ian enters the Club and is told that it's closed for renovations. He sweet talks his way into renting a room. He says he'll stay until his work there is done. Later, he runs into Summer who is unsure about her future. He thinks he's destined to help her.

Jack arrives at the ranch and rants to Nikki about Victor not loving Adam - he won't let him destroy Connor's life too. Nikki defends Victor. Jack says Adam made him Connor's legal guardian. Nikki asks him not to fight Victor. Jack tells her to focus on herself. He looks concerned when Nikki laughs at the idea that people think they're so happy. "If only they knew."

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

David Tutera grills Neil about his long engagement.

In the hospital, Billy is stressed out because they haven't found Adam's body yet.

Jill tells Colin, "You don't need me anymore." He replies, "But I do."

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