At the crash site, Victor flashes to teaching Adam to play soccer and to box in Kansas when he was little. He grimaces in pain.

At the station, Chloe is shown Adam's watch. Paul says barring a miracle, Adam is dead. Chloe is satisfied because there's a good chance he suffered. Kevin asks about Billy. Paul says they're still searching. Later, after a call about Billy, Chloe thanks Kevin for cracking the case. Chloe talks about Adam bouncing Connor on his knee when he had Delia's eyes.

Lily and Cane discuss Athletic Club business in the closed dining room. The twins bang on pots and pans. Cane and Lily reflect on the news about Adam and discuss the Delia Project. Cane says it's going to be fun. Lily still doesn't like the theme. Cane says they have to go along with it. Lily questions them celebrating Delia's life through a foundation her killer set up. Lily thinks they should go ahead with it. Devon appears and tells them Billy took off with Adam and they haven't been seen since.

At home, Victoria asks Billy if he went after Adam. Paul arrives and Billy says Adam was the driver. Paul wants answers. Billy says he had his gun on him. He tells them Adam admitted it, and said he didn't even know he'd hit her until later. Billy says he wanted to kill him, but couldn't do it. Billy describes taking Adam to the school and what was said before they struggled over the gun. Billy flashes to the gun going off. Paul asks, "What are you not telling me?"

Noah and Summer talk about Adam at Crimson Lights. Summer still feels responsible for the loss of Chelsea's other pregnancy. Summer's pill problem comes up. She talks about not knowing who she is. Noah suggests counseling. Summer says she met a guy who might help her. She shows him Ian Ward's card. They talk about Courtney. Summer urges him to tell her he needs honesty from her. Courtney appears. She speaks to Summer to say she hopes she's okay, and then makes an excuse not to stay for coffee with Noah.

At the penthouse, Jack tells Chelsea there was a crash. She asks if her husband is alive or dead. Jack tries to explain that they don't know who got out and who didn't. Victor appears and says they know exactly who died. Victor says he was at the wreck and it was nearly impossible for anyone to have survived. Chelsea realizes that Jack isn't worried about it being Billy or he'd be with Victoria. Jack gets a call from Victoria that Billy is home. Victor and Jack talk to Vikki on speakerphone while Chelsea reels. Victoria tells Jack and Victor not to come over. Jack sobs, "Thank God." Victor pats his back. They turn to Chelsea who breaks down. When she goes to Connor, Jack tells Victor he's sorry for his loss. Later, Victor tells Chelsea they're family. Chelsea talks about losing Adam. Victor assures her they'll never be alone. He tells Connor he'll teach him how to ride.

At the Chancellor house, Esther struggles to find the right words to say to Chloe and Kevin. She wants to help Chloe. Chloe asks her to tell her why knowing who killed Delia doesn't take the pain away. Devon, Cane, and Lily arrive and talk about Adam being presumed dead. Kevin says the station got a call - Billy is home. Devon asks about the benefit. Chloe says Delia won't be honored with blood money. Devon suggests they separate Adam from the foundation. Jack arrives as Devon says he'll put up the money. Jack says Billy would approve. Jack asks about Jill - he wants to let her know about Billy. Esther says she hasn't returned her calls either.

Paul and Victoria continue to talk to Billy about the crash at home. Billy says it was icy, they crashed, and everything went dark. Billy tells them he got out the back window, and he doesn't think Adam was in the car. Billy describes how he made it to the rode and got a ride home. He asks if Adam is in the hospital or in jail. Paul says they haven't found him. He describes the explosion - he's likely dead and might have been dead before the car blew. Billy asks if he's under arrest. Victoria rants at Paul, who says he won't file charges for now. Later, Billy holds Victoria who is emotional over it all.

In the park, Summer tells Noah to try to find out why Courtney's acting so strange. After Summer leaves, Noah witnesses Courtney make another buy. He butts in and is stunned to see she's handcuffed the guy.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Jill hisses, "It's you?" Colin grins. "Hello, Love."

Nikki tells Jack he can't blame Victor for Adam's death. Jack says all Adam wanted was for Victor to love him and the bastard couldn't even pull that off.

Avery opens her door to Nick. He says he's looking for Dylan.

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