At the penthouse, Anita asks Chelsea if she's heard from Adam. Chelsea tells her about the videotaped confession and the note. They argue about it being an accident. Chelsea says she felt bad for deceiving Adam about Connor, but she hates him for this. Anita thinks she still loves him and needs to forgive him. They debate. Anita says if Adam had confessed right away, Connor wouldn't have received the corneas and Chelsea never would have known how much he loved her. "He was scared." Anita holds Chelsea who sobs.

At the crash scene, Paul and Nick realize someone is trapped in the vehicle. It explodes. Paul says they need to find the man who walked away. Later, a man with a silver ring stumbles through the trees and falls. After a while, he gets up and walks again.

At the courthouse, Chris, Lauren and Fen whisper about this supposed new evidence Michael may have. The judge arrives and makes it obvious he's going to be hard on Fen. Lauren rants about Carmine driving her son to a desperate act. She says Fen is a good boy, an honor student, and her affair destroyed their family. Fen talks about how Carmine tortured the family and how he had to protect his mom.

Carmine opens his door to Michael and asks how he found him. Michael says dead men don't tell tales, but he's guessing his story is good. Michael pushes his way in. Carmine asks how he put it together. Michael says the evidence didn't add up. He deduced that the FBI kept Carmine alive because he turned state's evidence against Womack, and his fingerprints were on the bath salts. Carmine admits he was supposed to go into witness protection, but went to see Lauren at her awards ceremony. He grins about Fen putting a bullet in him and says the feds patched him up. He got full immunity. Michael chuckles that he could kill him, since he's technically already dead. Carmine counters that Michael needs him. Michael wants him to exonerate Fen and in return, he won't tell Womack he's alive. Carmine says no deal. Michael says he'll help whether he likes it or not.

At the Club, Neil tells Devon that he can make a great business out of the place - Katherine would be proud. Talk turns to Adam being the hit-and-run driver. Neil wonders how Victor is taking it. Hilary appears and says Jack is devastated. Neil says he can't reach Jack. Hilary can't find Jill either. Neil lets Hilary know he considers her slate clean. After, Devon asks Hilary to have dinner sometime. She says she could use a friend.

At the station, Kevin tells Jack they have nothing on Billy and Adam yet. Kevin says he hopes Adam will go away for decades. Jack says he's a father. Kevin doesn't care. Paul arrives and tells them about the explosion. Jack wants to know if it was Billy in the car. Paul is focused on finding the person who got out. Soon, Paul learns the vehicle fell into the river and sends a recovery team.

Chloe arrives at Victoria's house wanting to know where Billy is - she wants a front row seat to him killing Adam. Victoria says Adam needs to be punished, but not like that. Nick arrives with news about the explosion. He says the wreck had someone in it, and the other person walked away. Chloe hopes Adam burned. She leaves. Victoria asks Nick if God would be so cruel as to take Billy.

Chloe tells Kevin, at the station, that she refuses to believe that Adam walked away. Nearby, Jack is about to tell Nick that Victor knew, when Paul interrupts - they've suspended the search in the river. An officer gives Paul a watch believed to have been on the trapped man. Jack recognizes it. After, Nick says it shouldn't have ended this way. Paul says it didn't have to.

At the courthouse, the judge is about to sentence Fen when Michael bursts in and says the crime never occurred. He shows them a video of Carmine holding up today's newspaper. The case is dismissed.

At the penthouse, Jack tells Chelsea the police found Adam's SUV. She asks, "What about Adam?"

Victoria hears a noise at her door. She opens it and Billy, shaking and bloody, falls into the house.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Chloe tells Devon she won't have her little girl's memory honored by the man who killed her.

Paul tells Billy that Adam might have been dead before the car blew. Billy asks if he's under arrest.

Victor tells Jack if he's about to accuse him again of holding Adam's crime over his head he can stop right now.

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