Jack is surprised to see Traci arrive at the Abbott house on New Year's Eve. He asks what she's doing there. Ashley appears. "The same thing I am - making sure the Abbotts start the new year off right." They tell him he has to start living his life again. He's angry they want him to forget Phyllis. They insist it's what Phyllis would want.

At Newman, Victor is on the phone looking for hospital video footage from the night Delia was killed, hoping it will rule Adam out as the driver. Nikki enters as he leaves an urgent message asking to see Adam. She questions him. He mumbles about Connor being in Adam's hands. She says there's nothing they can do about it. He murmurs, "We'll see." They decide to go to the Club.

Sharon runs into Stitch in Crimson Lights and they chat. He says he'll pass along her Happy New Year's wishes to Dylan, who is out of town. Stitch is exiting when he passes Kelly. She says, "Ben." He asks, "What are you doing here?" They realize they're both living in Genoa City. Kelly learns he's practicing as Dr. Rayburn and marvels that no one suspects a thing. Ben asks her not to mess things up for him. They decide to stay out of each other's way. Neil joins Sharon to talk business, and invites her to the Club. She's excited that he's engaged, but declines. He tells her if she changes her mind, they'll be there.

At home, Nick is making awful noises on his electric guitar when Abby arrives with gifts. They compare notes on Christmas. Nick says he spent it with Sharon. Abby muses, "I can only imagine where she hung her stockings with care." They bicker as Abby tells him he can't get back with Sharon. She tries unsuccessfully to get him to come to the Club. She says they'll be there if he changes his mind.

Billy arrives home to Victoria asking why his phone was off and where he was all this time. He flashes to kissing Kelly. Billy says he took a walk and ran into Kelly. Vikki says they'll reschedule the trip. She suggests they be honest with each other. Vikki goes on about how she's failed him. He orders her to stop apologizing to him. "I've been a jerk." Vikki feels she made things worse. Billy says he needs her. "I am so sorry." He muses that he always hurts her. Vikki tells him he's a good man, husband, and father. He says he hasn't been, but he will be. They kiss.

At the Club, Lily and Cane fawn over Leslie's engagement ring. Devon and Tyler appear and a toast is made to the newest Winters. Leslie looks uncertain. Tyler and Leslie step aside. Leslie talks about making it official with Neil. Tyler mentions Abby thought she saw Mariah sneak out of their room in L.A. Leslie thinks he'll be going all 'picket fences' sooner than he realizes. Hilary comes into the lobby as Devon is running off a reporter. He thanks her for the heads-up about Mason. Neil appears, followed by Abby. Hilary watches them go into the dining room. Victor and Nikki arrive and congratulate Neil. Nick enters. Nikki and Victor are pleased, until Sharon appears behind him. Abby wonders if Sharon has a tracking device on him. Nick tells Sharon not to let them get to her. Jack enters with Traci and Ashley. Victor and Jack eyeball each other. Ashley and Victor have an exchange about peace between him and Jack. Abby glares over at Sharon, who asks Nick to check her back for knives. She muses that people will think they're a couple. He says they're friends. She thinks anything's possible. Meanwhile, Victor needles Jack about the prostitute he picked up there. He wonders what he is helping Adam cover-up in return. Jack spots Hilary and confronts her about telling his sisters what he's doing. He advises her to focus on her life, not his - kiss someone at midnight. Nearby, Leslie assures Abby, Traci, and Ash it will be a long engagement. Neil proposes a toast to Leslie. The new year is rung in. Jack says, "Happy New Year, Red." Hilary and Devon look close, and Nick and Sharon kiss. Victor notices.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Adam asks Jack for a favor.

Chloe tells Kevin that Chelsea's marrying Adam.

Lauren startles to see Carmine in her bed.

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