Jack greets Jill affectionately at her door. She asks what that was for. He wants to start the New Year right, and brings up helping Billy. They laugh about the ridiculous things they did to try to distract him. Jack shares his idea - Billy should chair the foundation in Delia's name. Jill thinks it would be perfect.

At the airport, Vikki leaves Billy another phone message saying she will be home for New Year's after all and doesn't understand why he's not answering.

Billy and Kelly start tearing their clothes off as they kiss at her place, and he throws her down on the sofa in the heat of the moment. After sex, Billy tells Kelly they don't have to talk about what happened, but she insists that they do. They stammer apologies and agree it can't happen again; it just made the pain stop briefly. Billy tells her he loves his wife. She assures him she knows what this is, and what it isn't. They agree how grateful they are for their friendship.

At Crimson Lights, Avery and Dylan discuss the rewarding way they spent Christmas. She notices he looks like hell. He admits he's been up nights thinking about Ian Ward. He wonders what else he doesn't know about his own life. Avery doesn't like the idea of finding him. Dylan thinks he has to.

At Newman, Victor is stunned by the file with Adam's name in it. Nikki arrives. "Bad news?" He muses, "Possibly, yeah." He stands up and embraces her. She asks why he wants her to buy cashmere mittens. He's taking her to Vermont for New Year's. Dylan calls Nikki to get together. Nikki leaves to meet him, noting Victor's lack of objection - she thinks whatever's in the file is distracting him. Later, Victor's P.I. arrives and says an eyewitness saw a man get out of the black SUV and watch the dog run off. The girl was at the side of the road. He assures Victor they are the only ones who know and the eyewitness won't talk because of his legal troubles. Victor orders the man to find definitive proof. The P.I. asks, "And if the driver turns out to be Adam Newman?" Victor replies, "So be it."

At home, Adam tells Chelsea there's no reason they can't get remarried and then says he was just fooling around. Chelsea says she knew that - she realizes they're not there yet. They decide to ring in the New Year with Connor and recall making love last year. Jack arrives. Chelsea goes upstairs and Adam talks to Jack about his newfound happiness - he doesn't trust it. Jack says he deserves this. Chelsea returns and they talk about the foundation in Delia's name. Chelsea suggests they make a donation. Chelsea thanks Jack for seeing the good in Adam. Later, Chelsea tells Adam he's the best father Connor could have. She lets him know she'd consider remarriage.

Vikki arrives at home and calls Boulevard, but Billy was never there. Jill arrives. Vikki says she's not sure where Billy is and she can't reach him by phone. Jill tells her about the foundation idea. Vikki thinks it's a good idea, but doesn't think she can suggest it to him as he doesn't think she understands how he feels. Jill agrees it's like navigating a minefield for all of them. They wonder about his disappearance. Vikki says the last time he came home with cookies. Later, Billy arrives and is surprised to see Victoria. She asks, "Where were you?"

At the coffeehouse, Dylan blurts to Nikki that he has questions about Ian Ward. He asks what she remembers about him. Nikki thinks he was raised on a farm in Idaho. "You're not planning on going to look for him, are you?" Dylan assures her the man disgusts him, but he only has half the story of his life. Nikki and Avery both have serious concerns about Dylan's desire to pursue this, but Nikki respects his position. "Please be careful." Later, Avery accuses Dylan of misleading Nikki. "You want to punch the guy out!" Avery tells him to go on his search, knowing he won't be able to wait. They kiss. He says she's the one good thing in his life.

Nikki returns to Newman. Victor makes a sarcastic remark. She reminds him Dylan hasn't hurt anyone, and leaves. Victor intones, "Your son is not the one I'm worried about."

At home, Jill calls about the foundation and learns she has to speak to Kelly Andrews about it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Stitch and Kelly encounter each other at Crimson Lights. He says, "Kelly." She replies, "Ben." He asks, "What are you doing here?"

Vikki apologizes to Billy for not being the wife that he needed. He stops her. "You didn't do anything wrong. I did."

At home, Jack asks Traci, "What are you doing here?" He beams as Ashley appears. "The same thing I am - making sure the Abbotts start the New Year off right."

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