At the Chancellor mansion, Jill rants to Katherine that her billionaire grandson trashed a hotel room. Hilary appears and defends Devon. Jill mocks her for sucking up. Hilary hands her the Bonaventure financials and asks her about the music box. Devon arrives as Hilary continues to defend him. Hilary goes. Devon tells Jill that someone stole his identity. She advises him to beware of opportunists, like Hilary. Devon says she deserves a second chance. He assures her he's trying to honor the gift Katherine left him, and she should do the same.

At home, Vikki tells Billy they'll really miss him while they're in D.C. Billy says he got a ticket for the next flight after theirs. She's happy and remarks that things are getting back to normal. Billy looks odd. She apologizes. Billy sees them off.

Kyle presents Victor with research at Newman. He says Bonaventure is on track to show a profit. Victor starts musing about weak links. Kyle assures him if there's a weak link on staff, it's not him. Victor says Noah got a report in before him. He wants them to work together, not compete. Kyle says Noah's name is on the building, his is not, so he has to try harder. Victor muses it might be easier for him at Jabot. Kyle feels he's better in a place he has to prove himself every day. Victor offers him a chance to do just that.

At the Club, Jack tells Adam that Kyle got him the Bonaventure financials. Adam tells him he has to bow out. Jack thought he wanted payback. Adam says there's something he wants more and refers to Chelsea. Adam says he took Jack's advice to look to the future and won't let the past get in the way. Victor appears with Kyle. He asks Adam about Connor. Adam lets him know he's back with Chelsea and Victor mocks him. Adam tells him his opinion means nothing. He warns Kyle about Victor. Jack echoes his sentiments. Kyle and Victor sit at a table. Hilary joins Jack. She warns Kyle is selling his soul to Victor. Near the door, Mason tells Devon he heard someone stole his identity in Vegas. Devon wonders how Mason knows it wasn't him - the media has never mentioned an imposter. Mason tries to cover and asks Devon to hit the gym. Devon agrees and then punches him in the stomach. He tells Mason he knows it was him. Mason tries to blame Hilary. Devon assures Mason he'll go down for this. Meanwhile, Victor tells Kyle he handled the business meeting well. Kyle joins Jack and Hilary, who asks about new leads. Kyle hedges. "Nothing yet." Hilary joins Devon, who says she was right about Mason. Jack tells Kyle that Victor's buttering him up for the kill. Kyle insists he won't get sucked in.

At the penthouse, Chloe apologizes for accidentally taking Connor's onesie, but Chelsea doesn't hear - she's received her final divorce papers. Chloe thinks she's hung up on Dylan and is only with Adam because he'd cut Connor out of her life. Chelsea says her life with Dylan was a lie. She complains about Chloe bashing Adam. Chloe upsets Chelsea by questioning whether Adam should be in Connor's life. Chelsea insists she's got Adam all wrong - he hurts and cares deeply. She asks Chloe to respect her decision and invites her to be Connor's godmother. Chloe accepts. Later, Adam and Chelsea talk about their perfect Christmas. She tells him Chloe agreed to be Connor's godmother. He wants Chelsea to be happy. They kiss. Adam spots her divorce papers. She wants to focus on their future. Adam talks about a house, kids, and marriage.

Billy finds Kelly crying in the park and holds her. She's despondent over her son not being there for Christmas. Billy offers to drive her home.

Chloe arrives at the Chancellor estate and admits to Jill she pulled the music box out of the trash. She's sure it meant something to Katherine. Jill says she never mentioned it in all the years she knew her. Chloe urges her to hold onto it - once you lose something precious you can't get it back. Once alone, Jill plays the music box and ponders.

At Kelly's house, Billy looks at photos of her son. She asks about his Christmas. Billy says he thinks he saw Delia, who can't be at peace until her killer's found. He tells Kelly about Vikki's comment, and says nothing's going to be normal for him again. Kelly hugs him and they start kissing.

At Newman, Victor finds the file with the license plate numbers from his P.I. Adam's name is on the list.

Vikki leaves Billy a message from the airport about her flight being delayed.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Jill asks Victoria, "Where's Billy?" Victoria says she's actually not sure.

Avery sits by Dylan who tells Nikki he has more questions about Ian Ward. She asks, "You're not planning to go looking for him, are you?"

Victor tells his P.I. he wants definitive proof. The man asks, "And if it turns out the driver was Adam Newman?" Victor says, "So be it."

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