At Chancellor Park, Billy and Vikki are taking Johnny to see Santa. Vikki gives him an out, but he says he's excited.

At the non-profit office, Kelly recognizes Adam as Billy's friend from Boulevard. She looks at his paperwork. "You want to set up a charitable foundation in Delia Abbott's name?" She notes his generous kick-off donation and insists he fill out the mission statement - why he's doing this. He jots something down, but tells her Delia's parents can't know he's behind this. Kelly talks about losing her own son, and knowing Billy through the support group. She tells him his foundation will be up and running in a couple of days. She asks if he has children. "A son." She says he should be proud of his father.

At the Club, Lily grills Devon about the big club opening he attended last night. He doesn't know what she's talking about. Hilary appears. She tells Lily she doesn't want to fight. Lily suggests she get her skinny ass on her broomstick and fly the hell out of town. Hilary says she's trying to turn her life around. Devon attempts to intervene as Lily angrily asks if she's supposed to care. Finally, Devon tells Lily to lay off. Hilary talks to Lily about holding onto anger, and then leaves. Devon asks Lily about her anger. She says she has a problem she can't solve. She tells him the MRI showed no lesions but she has to have blood tests again in a month. Devon reassures her. She asks him not to tell Neil.

Cane arrives at the ranch to discuss a business matter with Victor. Victor makes it clear he won't hire him back. Cane says he hasn't come about a job but wants to discuss the biotech division. He wants Chancellor to help find cures for common medical conditions. Victor realizes why it's personal. Cane asks him not to cut loose the unprofitable company, and to increase funding. Victor notes Cane's intensity and asks if Lily is having another crisis. Cane wants to make sure she doesn't. Victor promises to pull the files. Cane says it's Bonaventure Industries.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill tells Jack they can't blow up Newman/Chancellor, but they can dismantle it brick-by-brick. Jill offers up research compiled by Hilary, whom she begrudgingly admits is efficient. They discuss how rarely they've been allies in their history, Patty and Genevieve's names are mentioned. They also agree on Billy, and wish they could take away his pain. Jill explains to Jack that when Katherine put Cane in as CEO of Chancellor, he appointed her head of biotech division. They discuss Jill's paltry inheritance and the music box. Jill says she sold it online. Jack is stunned. Jill talks about sending Kyle into Newman as a mole without a map. Jack thinks she may have a map. She beams and tells him all about Bonaventure Industries - it could be the weak link they're looking for at Chancellor. They discuss reporting the company to the FDA, making sure there's truth to their allegations. Jack muses that it would de-stabilize things, and then the rest of the dominoes would fall. Hilary arrives. She hands Jill a package that was sitting outside - it's the music box.

At home, Billy says his smile with Johnny on Santa's lap felt fake - he's going through the motions. He tears up thinking of Christmas Eve and morning without Delia. He doesn't know how to celebrate the holidays without the person who loved it the best. Vikki offers to forgo Christmas this year if it's too difficult. Billy feels that wouldn't be fair to Johnny. He talks about the meetings being the only place he can be honest. Vikki encourages him to go, and reiterates that she doesn't need the tree and trimmings, she only needs him.

While decorating at the penthouse, Chelsea finds wedding rings in a drawer. She flashes to her and Adam professing their love and then puts them back. Adam returns. She asks where he was, and he just kisses her. He says they've danced around the issue of rekindling their relationship - they can make this a real family. Adam says he can never wipe the slate clean from the bad things he's done, but he can try and balance them out. He can see what's possible now. "We are possible." Chelsea kisses him passionately and they head to the bedroom.

In Chancellor Park, Kelly and Billy talk about the holidays and her non-profit work. She explains being a teacher in a kids' classroom isn't a fit anymore. Billy understands - he doesn't know how to act in his own home. They decide to get a drink.

Victoria drops into the ranch. Victor asks if everything is okay with her and Billy. He offers for her and Johnny to spend the holidays there. She tightly says they'll be with Billy.

Cane joins Devon and Lily at the Club. She loves having their support. Cane says she has more support than she knows. At the bar, Jack passes Victor and makes a remark about holiday cheer. They trade barbs.

At Crimson Lights, Vikki gets teary and hugs Johnny tight.

Genoa City Spoilers for Next Week on The Young and the Restless:

Dylan tells Avery he couldn't help himself - he read the stuff she dug up on his biological father.

Noah tells Sharon he feels like Nick is leaning on her too hard.

Nick spots Billy and Kelly at The Underground. "Hey Billy, I didn't know you were coming in tonight. Who's your friend?"

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