Vikki and Billy arrive at Crimson Lights after visiting Delia's preschool - they're trying to get Johnny a spot there. They talk about Delia going through the process. Vikki wonders if a school with less memories would be better. Billy says no matter what school they choose, he won't forget. Vikki notes this is the first time they've been out as a family since Delia died. Kelly appears and gets Vikki's name wrong. It becomes clear that Kelly and Billy know a lot about each other. Vikki pastes a smile on. Once Kelly's gone, Billy says she's a champ. Vikki notes their familiarity. Billy tells her they 'debrief' after group sometimes. Vikki thinks it's good he sees her as proof he can survive. Nearby, Mason chats up the barista. They make plans for tonight. Mason calls to get them on the guest list but gets hung up on. He calls back as Devon's assistant and gets on the list.

Jill and Hilary snipe at each other in the Jabot elevator. They bicker about second chances. Jill doesn't believe she deserves one. The elevator jams. Jill's music box plays. Hilary says it's beautiful - she had one when she was young but never got the ballet lessons she wanted. Jill rolls her eyes. "Why didn't your parents get you dance lessons?" Hilary says her dad was arrested and then there was no money. Jill sighs. "Sounds familiar." Hilary doesn't want to bond in the Bad Daddy Club, but admits their stories are similar. Jill hisses that Hil's playing her. Hilary says she admires Jill. Talk turns to Katherine and the music box mystery. Jill says she got an offer for $10.25 for the box on Ebay. Hilary notices it's the number on the bottom of the box. Meanwhile, Jack calls Devon into his office and fires him. Devon is irritated. Jack says he's had the impression he was looking for an excuse to be cut loose. Devon say Roxanne broke up from him and now Jack wants him to walk away from what he has left. Jack says he's not trying to be a jerk, but Devon's heads not in the job anymore. He urges him to get out there and live his life. Devon talks about the money changing everything. If he doesn't know what he wants, how will he know who he is? Jack suggests he try new things. Hilary enters with Jill, who complains about the damn elevator. Later, Hilary warns Devon about Mason again in the elevator. Upstairs, Jill and Jack discuss finding a chink in Victor's armor. Jill says they've been looking in the wrong place.

At the park, Tyler accuses Abby of hiding from him to avoid discussing what happened in L.A. He inadvertently refers to her as an ice queen and then asks what went wrong. She says it was like a trip down memory lane to all the places he went with Mariah. Tyler protests. He asks if they went to places in New York should he assume she'd been there with other guys. Abby asks if he's calling her a slut. Tyler refuses to do this - she's looking for excuses to get mad at him. He thinks she's scared. Abby says there are so many things that could go wrong. He asks if she's bailing because something might go wrong. "Are you breaking up with me?" She asks if that's what he wants. He tells her she's pushing him away because she's afraid to get close. Abby relents - they have something.

Lily frets to Cane at the hospital. The doctor appears and says something came up on her tests. He says her blood levels are mildly elevated and she needs an MRI. Lily asks if he thinks the cancer is back. He says lesions can still occur - they agree to do the MRI right away.

At the Club, Cane tells Lily how brave she is - he loves her. She admits she's scared. Cane reassures her she'd doing everything right and he'll help her all the way through it.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Leslie tells Neil his fake innocence won't work - he needs to spill the beans.

Avery tells Dylan he must have questions about his biological father, Ian Ward.

Victor tells Nick that Sharon's taking advantage of him.

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