At Crimson Lights, Stitch asks Dylan about therapy. He says it went fine, but he's tense because the DNA results are due anytime. Stitch thinks Nikki is good people, but Dylan has issues with the way she's handled things. They discuss Avery saying Dylan is the man she loves. Stitch tells him that will get him through this.

Cane asks Lily about the rest of her test results at the Club. She's not concerned so they discuss Christmas activities. They notice Chloe, who greets Jill coming in. Jill mentions the support group to Chloe, who isn't interested. Jill joins Cane and Lily and talks about the house being empty without Katherine and Delia. They debate about whether Chloe should get help or not. Jill thinks the grief will catch up with her. Jill and Cane start talking business. Cane asks Jill if she's looking for a chink in Victor Newman's armor. He warns she'll encounter nothing but frustration pursuing Chancellor. They discuss the music box. Jill scoffs, but Cane and Lily urge her not to give up on it. Jill threatens to sell it online and leaves. Lily's doctor calls - he wants to see her tomorrow.

Kevin and Paul review files on the hit-and-run at the station. Paul enters his office and listens to Nikki's message saying things didn't go well with Dylan. Paul leaves her a message. Chloe arrives to invite Kevin out for dinner. When he mentions her working at the office and not around Connor, she snaps at him. Kevin says he's looking out for her. Chloe apologizes - she's worried everyone watches to see if she's handling Delia's death properly. Kevin says they're all trying to cope.

At the ranch, Victor is angry with Nikki for confiding in Paul about her long lost son while keeping him in the dark. He wonders how she expects him to trust her now. Nikki says Paul knew the situation, and he wasn't emotionally involved like Victor. Victor recalls her trip to Chicago and asks if Paul went along. She admits Paul was with her. Victor is appalled at the number of things she's kept from him - he found out from Jack Abbott that she had MS! He feels she doesn't trust him. Nikki says she trust him. Victor assures her he wouldn't turn his back on her. She cries that she worried about telling him of all people that she'd abandoned her child. Victor reassures her again. She didn't know if he'd forgive her when she couldn't even forgive herself. The doorbell rings. Victor answers - it's Paul. He checks in with Nikki, who says they were just talking about him. Paul talks to Victor about supporting Nikki. Victor says he can handle his own affairs. Nikki's phone rings - it's the lab.

Adam and Chelsea kiss passionately in the penthouse. They are about to undress when the baby cries. Chelsea goes upstairs and returns with Connor. They talk about what happened. Adam wonders if she would want things to work out between them. Chelsea says they'd have to go super slow. He agrees. Chloe arrives. Adam kisses the baby and goes. Chloe asks if they were fighting. Chelsea says the opposite. Chloe gasps. "You cannot get back together with Adam." Chelsea's not about to take Chloe's advice about Adam again. Chelsea says Adam has changed. Chloe doesn't buy it. Chelsea ends up going to the office for some sketches and Chloe stays with Connor. Chloe talks to Connor about Delia and wishing she had one more chance.

Avery runs into Nick in the park. She asks how he's doing. Nick says he can't lean on her now, and if the DNA test proves Dylan's his brother it will be a whole new level of weird. He muses that they hurt her sister at first, and the love of her life is his brother - it's kind of like payback. Avery muses that it's a cruel twist of fate, but says they're both good, caring men. Nick says Sharon said the same thing. Avery deadpans that if they agree it must be true. She wonders if he and Dylan could have been real brothers if she hadn't been in the picture. Dylan appears. "You are. So we'll never know." Dylan's phone rings - it's the lab. He listens and then tells them Nikki was right. Avery hugs Dylan.

Adam visits Delia's roadside memorial. He tells her photo he hates himself for not checking, for not coming forward, but who would believe he didn't know? He says he can't be locked away from Connor, and asks Delia to understand.

At the station, Kevin gets a text from Chloe canceling dinner.

Chelsea returns to the penthouse and calls out for Chloe. There's no answer and the bassinet's empty.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Paul says to Christine, "Nothing went on between Nikki and me." She asks, "Why didn't you just tell me?"

Nikki tells Victor she didn't trust him enough. He bellows, "What the hell are we doing in this marriage?"

Kevin tells Chelsea, "I can find her." Chelsea hollers, "I don't know where my son is, Kevin!"

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