At home, Victoria finds Billy on the computer and asks if he slept at all. He starts spouting statistics on hit-and-runs. Vikki says this isn't helping him. He says he's going to find the guy who killed her and then the punishment will fit the crime.

Chelsea spots Adam sleeping on the penthouse sofa. He startles when she goes to cover him. She wonders why he's still keyed up - he deserves to be happy with his son. He tells her to quit acting like she cares - she's moving out. Chelsea talks about what they've been through. Adam says she has no idea. Chelsea takes a call from Dylan asking to see her. She leaves Connor with Adam, who tells Peanut he loves him, and the decisions he's made have been with him in mind. He sets up a video camera and tapes himself telling Connor what happened the night Delia was killed. Adam recalls the pain of Chelsea's miscarriage - he can't imagine what it's like for Billy and Chloe. He tells Peanut he can't deal with the remorse - he's sorry, and then makes a formal confession.

At the park, Lily tells Cane the entire staff should resign before working with Hilary - what was her dad thinking? Cane doesn't understand why she'd want to stay around. Lily and Cane talk about starting a business together - something of their own.

Hilary runs into Jack at the Club - literally - her phone gets broken. He lets her use his phone and they discuss her trying to book a flight out of town. He gives her his card to reimburse her for a new phone. "Jack Abbott." Hilary says Neil mentioned him to her. Jack realizes she's Hilary. They discuss her situation. She says Neil's family will never forgive her. He questions her not wanting to stick around and earn forgiveness. Jack thinks she should work for him. She says she's leaving town. Jack takes a call. Lily and Cane appear and confront Hilary angrily. Jack returns as Lily is calling her shameless and soulless. "That's enough." Cane and Lily defend their position. Jack talks about grief being powerful stuff and when there's genuine remorse there should be second chances - Cane's had a few. Cane and Lily aren't buying it. They leave in anger. Hilary asks Jack about the job.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin tells Chloe she's not alone, and she's not going to be. Dylan greets Kevin at the counter and they remember Delia together. Kevin rejoins Chloe and tries to talk about vintage jewelry. She sighs over him babysitting her and says she needs to go do something for Delia. Later, Chelsea arrives, smiling, to see Dylan. She's stung by the divorce papers. Dylan apologizes if he gave her the wrong idea. Chelsea says she'll sign so he can be free of her. Dylan says he doesn't hate her. He notices Connor's toy in her purse. She apologizes, and tells Dylan about the successful transplant. Chelsea wants him to know she's a better person because of him. Dylan says she changed him too - she got him to talk about Ara. Chelsea says the way she felt about him wasn't a lie. She signs, returns his ring, and tells him tearfully to find love.

Victoria opens her door to Chloe, who is looking for Billy. Victoria says he's not there. She explains that he went to find the driver - he left looking for blood. Chloe hopes he finds the bastard and that she's there to see it. Vikki says Billy is risking everything he still has. Chloe says Delia used to swing from monkey bar to monkey bar - that's what she's doing now. Today's monkey bar is telling Billy that the transplant worked. Vikki takes a call - something's happened to Billy.

Kevin arrives at the station and complains to Alex about Fen's arrest. He asks for good news. Alex says they have a solid lead on the SUV. Chloe and Victoria arrive as Billy's brought in shouting at a man, who was at a body shop. He accused him of being a murderer. Kevin says it wasn't him. Victoria explains to the man, who leaves. Alex warns Billy he could lock him up. Everyone's upset. After, Chloe thanks Alex for letting Billy go. Kevin and Alex tell Chloe about the lead - a piece of plastic found only on on expensive SUVs.

At home, Victoria rants at Billy that he's throwing his life away. She needs him, and his son upstairs needs his father.

Chelsea arrives at home and tells Adam about signing Dylan's divorce papers. He says Connor's asleep. Chelsea is heading upstairs when a cop comes to the door. He tells Adam he's there about his vehicle.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki blanches when she hears Victor bellowing that abandoning your children is an unforgivable offense.

Nick and Sharon run into Dylan in the park. Sharon asks how he is. He says as well as can be expected. Nick says now he's free to go after Avery.

Avery asks Adam why she called him. He says he needs a lawyer.

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