In Georgia, Jack presses the doctor to agree that Phyllis is coming out of her coma, but he says it was involuntary movement and there's no change in her condition. Jack thinks he's wrong. He rejoins Phyllis.

At her house, Sharon blurts to Nick that she took matters into her own hands - she hopes he'll understand. She begins to talk about the anniversary of Cassie's death and him questioning Summer's paternity. Nick gets a message from Jack - Phyllis isn't out of her coma. Nick asks Sharon to continue. Sharon tells him she understands him in a way Avery couldn't. She confesses that she didn't think they were right for each other and was glad that they didn't marry. Nick asks how she took matters into her own hands. She says she made sure she was there for him and anticipated what he needed - like now. She moves in for a kiss. Nick jumps back. Sharon says she knows he's feeling it too - they're meant to be together. She dares him say he doesn't want her. Nick says they've been over for years. Sharon cries. Nick says she hasn't been herself, Noah's been concerned. She admits she's off her meds. Nick says she needs help. Sharon says he's right. "Just go." Nick holds her.

Nikki arrives at the station and remarks on Michael's situation to Paul. He asks what she's going to do about her son. She's still unsure whether to do - what if he doesn't know he was adopted? Paul thinks she'll handle it well. Christine arrives. Nikki goes. Paul and Chris kiss. Over lunch, they discuss Michael's case. Chris laments having to prosecute him. She asks about Nikki. Paul says she was looking for something she lost. They talk about having a honeymoon and planning a party. Chris notices Michael's file. Paul admits the shooting made him think about Ricky and talks about his regrets.

Dylan and Stitch play football in Chancellor Park. Stitch is glad Dylan will be talking to the VA therapist. He blames Chelsea. Dylan says he has to take responsibility for his actions too. Stitch says he saw Connor on rounds last night and remarks that Chelsea seemed glad to hear Dylan wasn't leaving town. Dylan admits he's been thinking about Avery. Nikki appears. Stitch calls out hello. Nikki joins them but acts hesitant and leaves quickly. Dylan assumes she blames him for Nick and Avery breaking up.

Adam finds Avery in her office where she's been thinking about Dylan. He's looking for Leslie, but gives Avery the paternity test results. He wants his name put on the birth certificate and her ex-boyfriend's name removed. Avery says she's not handling it. She asks if he'll seek full custody. They bicker as Avery advises him to be careful before making irreversible decisions. She thinks Chelsea still cares about him. Adam is skeptical. She reminds him how powerful it can be to lose a child together. Jack appears as Adam is leaving. Jack again urges Adam to make a fresh start. Jack tells Avery about Phyllis squeezing his hand when he mentioned Summer. Jack vows to bring up everything and everyone until she talks.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Chloe that the DNA test results confirmed Adam is Connor's father. Chloe asks if she's been working on Adam. Chelsea admits he's been working on her - doing everything right. Chloe scoffs at her falling for his act. Chelsea hopes it will all work out. Chloe tells Chelsea she's going to Delia's play with Kevin. She explains about joining him for Lauren's dinner, and how she couldn't say no to the play. She wants to take it slow. Chelsea says maybe there's hope for them...and for her and Dylan. Chloe thinks living with Adam makes it more difficult. Chelsea says she's putting Connor's needs first and wants a good relationship with Adam moving forward. Chloe says, "Define good." Chloe is talking about Adam being selfish when he arrives. Chloe leaves. Adam tells Chelsea they needs to discuss how things will be moving forward. Chelsea gets a call that the pediatric ophthalmologist can see Connor. They go.

Dylan finds Stitch at Crimson Lights. He tells him the VA therapist understands him and he'll go back. Stitch says the experiences are always with him too. He worries about getting a shock that will throw him back into the nightmare. Nikki appears on the patio. Stitch speaks to her on his way out. She walks over to Dylan, who asks if everything's okay.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki tells Dylan, "Then I suppose in the natural order of things I owe you a confession."

Billy and Delia are in the car. He pulls up at Boulevard and tells her he'll be right back. She questions him leaving her there alone. He tells her, "You've got Dash."

Dash jumps out of the back seat of the car and takes off up the road.

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