Jack sits by Phyllis' bedside in Georgia. He shares the latest business and family happenings with her. He has a full house at the Abbott place, but is lonely without her. He talks about wanting to be a father to Summer. Phyllis squeezes his hand. He gets the doctor.

Nick is a little exasperated to find Sharon at his door. She says she's concerned about Noah working for Victor - she wants to know Nick's plan. Nick says Noah makes his own choices - he needs to make his own mistakes. They grew from theirs. Sharon's glad hers are behind her. They are looking at old photos when Jack calls looking for Summer to tell her about Phyllis. Nick asks, "Is Phyllis coming out of her coma?" Sharon looks alarmed and whispers that she has to go home. Nick asks Jack to keep him posted.

In the Club suite, Fen wakes up and tells Lauren he's kind of fuzzy. She tells him they know what happened but it has to be a family secret. Fen asks where Michael is, and Lauren says he's in jail. Fen asks why, and starts recalling being angry at Carmine, running, and slamming his hand on something. He thinks he must have got drunk. Fen asks again why Michael's in jail. Lauren says Carmine was shot dead. Fen realizes they think he killed Carmine. Lauren wonders why he doesn't remember. She says his sober chip was in the alley. Fen wonders if he did it. He panics and wants to go tell the police everything. Lauren says if they know Michael lied it will make things worse. Fen hates this - he hopes he remembers. Lauren asks him to go back to rehab. "It's the best way."

At the station, Kevin lets Michael know that Fen is with Lauren. Meanwhile, Paul leaves a message for Nikki, just checking in. Michael is brought into the interrogation room. Paul asks him why he lied about how Carmine was shot. He holds up the bullet he found. Michael says it's inconsequential. They bicker. Paul wants to know who really pulled the trigger. Michael reminds Paul he has a dark side. Paul thinks he's covering for someone he loves. He says Lauren was hiding something last night. He says a case against her would be easier to defend. Michael tells Paul he would have done just what he did. Outside, Kevin tries to defend Michael to Alex. Chloe arrives and chats with Kevin, who asks what's going on with them. She isn't sure, but agrees they can see Delia in The Wizard Of Oz together. Later, Lauren arrives and Paul lets her be alone with Michael. She updates him on Fenmore - she took him back to rehab. She wonders what if Fen didn't shoot Carmine? "What if you have sacrificed yourself for nothing?" Michael warns Paul already thinks he's covering - for her. Outside, Alex explains to Paul why Michael's confession is suspicious to him. Paul says he'll look after it himself. He rejoins Lauren and Michael. He tells them he's decided to accept Michael's confession - he hopes they'll be prepared for what comes next.

Courtney arrives at Noah's with a suit for his tour at Newman. She tells him to get out of his clothes. Noah emerges in the suit. Courtney knots his tie for him and goes in for a kiss.

Abby and Tyler meet at the Club bar. She wants to get together, but he says he's busy. She thinks he's dumping her because she said she loved him. He admits that's the problem. Abby protests that it was in the moment - there were no expectations attached. Tyler says he was freaked out - not because she felt it, but because he felt it too.

Courtney meets Noah in Crimson Lights after his tour. He says he's made a decision - he's giving the corporate world a shot. They agree to meet at Boulevard for a celebratory lunch. She kisses him.

At home, Sharon panics over Phyllis waking up and blaming her for the fall. Cassie says it was an accident. Sharon rants that she'll tell about the DNA results - Nick will despise her. Cassie suggests she tell him the truth. Nick comes to the door. Sharon blurts, "I can explain everything."

At Tyler's place, he and Abby decide things are moving in the right direction. After saying they love certain things about each other, he carries her to the bedroom.

In Georgia, Jack wants the doctor to confirm that Phyllis' hand movement was a good sign.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery asks Adam if he's really intending to cut his child's mother out of his life.

The doctor says to Jack that there was movement in Phyllis' hand and she was stirring. Jack beams. "Then she's coming out of her coma."

Sharon tells Nick that she took matters into her own hands. "I just hope that you can understand."

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