At Jabot, Kyle and Jack discuss Summer. Kyle suggests that Jack has maybe been more interested in what he needs, than in what's best for her. Jack says Victor's the one turning it into a battle. Kyle thinks Jack is also pressuring Summer. Courtney arrives with Summer for a tour. Jack has Kyle go with Courtney and talks to Summer about the scene with Victor. Summer says Victor wasn't only to blame. She wants to leave Genoa City. Jack asks about school and work. Summer says she'll visit Daniel. Jack offers to fly her there. Summer scoffs. "You're a lot more like Grandpa than you think." Jack protests. Kyle and Courtney return. Once alone, Kyle tells Jack, "Really nice job backing off." Jack concedes he pushed Summer away. In the elevator, Summer snaps at Courtney and then apologizes. She returns and accepts Jack's offer to fly her to Georgia.

Dylan's at Billy's place complaining about the crooked bookcase upstairs. Delia says she helped. Dylan muses that he'll start from scratch. Billy offers a parenting tip - if a kid helps with it you don't throw it away. Dylan tells Billy he's a good dad, and recalls times with his pop. Dylan and Billy agree they want to make their kids proud.

At home, Chelsea chats with Chloe, who coos at Connor. She says he's perfect aside from having Adam's DNA. Chelsea says she'll always be grateful that Adam gave her Connor. They discuss Melanie dropping the charges. Chloe thinks it was a wasted opportunity. Chelsea says Adam will stay away, and explains how she knows she could survive anything now, even the truth coming out. Chloe wonders if Dylan could.

At the ranch, Victor and Adam bicker about trust. Adam calls it a game of corporate chicken. Victor wonders where he's getting these billions, and what promises he's made. Adam says the investor just wants to collect dividends. Victor presses for a meeting. Adam says the consortium is called the Fisher Capital Fund - it's a bunch from Wall St. he used to fish and gamble with. Victor wants to meet them. Adam offers him the numbers of Stinky, Flounder and the boys. Victor becomes upset. Adam wants his trust. He reminds him he got Newman back. Adam shouts that no matter what he does it will never be enough. "I'm done." Later, Victor arranges to have the fund checked out and Adam's house, car, and office bugged.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill talks to the drawing of Katherine. She wonders what she's trying to tell her. Jill locates the book in the picture and a bookmark with the monogram 'GR' falls out. "Gary Reynolds? What does your ex-husband have to do with 'all that I value'?" Esther is boxing things up. Jill tells her to leave everything alone or she'll fire her. Esther sobs. They embrace. Chloe arrives, giving them a weird look. Esther says she's boxing up things for charity, and mentions the previously stolen items. Chloe notices the drawing. Esther says Katherine's necklace was given to her by Gary Reynolds. Once alone, Jill asks, "What are you up to, Katherine, and what does Gary Reynolds have to do with it?" Later, Billy drops off Delia to Chloe, who says he'll see their secret project at Katherine's memorial. Billy joins Jill in the living room. "Are you okay?" She shows him the letter from Katherine. They debate its meaning. Jill grumbles about Katherine creating a treasure hunt as a distraction. Billy chuckles. "Is it working?" They discuss Katherine's fortune. Jill would give back every penny for one more day with her.

At the pediatrician's office, Dylan and Chelsea learn the doctor was concerned after Connor's last check-up and ran some tests. The doctor tells them about a degenerative eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa. Chelsea looks alarmed. The doctor says Connor could go blind. They'll need a specialist and hope for the best. Chelsea blurts, "This is all my fault." The doctor says it's not at all. "The disease is inherited from a parent."

Kyle races into Crimson Lights behind Summer. He tells her not to go with Jack. Summer appreciates his concern, but will go see her mother. Kyle says he has her back.

At the Club, Adam tells someone on the phone that his father won't consider going after Chancellor unless he reveals their identity. "I want to make my father pay, and I need your help." On the other end, Jack replies, "So let's talk."

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