Victoria startles Avery when she arrives at her apartment to help with wedding planning. Avery blurts that her wedding's a pipe dream and might not even happen. She goes on about the problem with not booking things in advance. Vikki assures her it will happen. Avery wonders if she can get Faith to stop hating her and Sharon to stop looking at Nick like he's the last tall drink of water in the desert. Vikki says Sharon's not a threat - she lost a long time ago. She tells Avery she's not allowed to get cold feet; the wedding is full speed ahead. Vikki has an unsatisfying call with Billy, who tells her Boulevard isn't available, and who has broken something trying to build the bookshelf. Avery makes a comment about Dylan being a good father and is taken aback by Victoria's strange reaction. Victoria laughs nervously and says her mind must have wandered. She decides to head to the GCAC to see if there's availability.

Abby spots Adam at the Club and they discuss the charges against him getting dropped. Once alone, Adam calls someone and tells them the next step is tricky. "It's time to bob and weave." Nearby, Courtney chats with Noah and Tyler until Summer texts. Tyler tells Noah that Courtney wants him. They go for a sauna and Noah admits that he's attracted to Courtney and her cute little nose. Tyler laughs. He says he used to ask his sister's friends out all the time. Noah's worried it might be a mistake. Tyler urges him to go for it. When they return to the bar area, Abby appears to kiss Tyler, which causes Noah to complain. They talk about seeing a concert and Tyler suggests bringing Courtney. Abby's intrigued. She's interviewing her for an internship later.

At home, Nikki re-reads Katherine's letter, in which she impresses upon her the importance of something she thinks matters more than anything. Victor appears and asks what's wrong. Nikki says it's not being able to talk to Katherine. Victor urges Nikki to talk to him. Adam arrives. Nikki leaps on the opportunity to make an exit. Adam tells Victor the rape charges have been dropped. He wants to talk about Chancellor again. Victor still won't discuss it. Adam says everyone can see it's a great opportunity. Victor wonders who he means. He muses that Newman is private now and Adam and his mystery investor have new plans using Newman's reputation as a shield. Adam reminds him that Melanie happened the last time they didn't trust each other. Victor says, "I trust much as you trust me." Adam assures him the investor won't make demands. He goes back to Chancellor, asking why Victor doesn't want to protect it from going poof. Victor says he'll consider a Chancellor takeover if Adam tells him who the mystery investor is.

Dylan shows Nick a photo of Connor at Crimson Lights. Nick was unaware Avery sent a gift, and says babies grow up fast. "One day you'll blink and your baby will be gone." Summer passes by. As Nick and Dylan finish chatting, Courtney arrives to meet Summer. They discuss Nick staying out of her face. Summer tells Courtney she called to say goodbye. Courtney says that's unacceptable. Summer muses that she may stay with Daniel. Courtney asks what about me, and invites Summer to come along to her interview with Abby. Nearby, Nikki greets Nick. He senses something is going on with her. Nikki says she's not herself since losing Katherine. Nick introduces Dylan to Nikki, who then spots Summer. Nick says he's giving her space. Nikki approaches her. Courtney excuses herself. Nikki gives Summer a pep talk about dealing with her families. She advises her not to push people away. Summer leaves with Courtney. Nikki warns Nick that Summer's going to leave town. Avery arrives and greets Dylan, who mentions Nick not knowing she sent a gift for Connor. She looks at a photo of the baby. Nick hears her say he will be brave and strong like his daddy. Avery and Nick step aside. He assures her the wedding will happen. Dylan leaves a loving phone message for Chelsea and Connor.

Summer and Courtney arrive at the Club. Courtney goes off with Abby and Noah complains about Tyler watching her. Summer thinks Noah has the hots for her friend. At the table, Courtney impresses Abby. She gets the job. Tyler invites Courtney to the concert as Noah's date while Noah talks to Summer. She tells him she has to leave. Noah just wants to know she's safe. Nearby, Victoria and Nikki discuss not being able to find a venue for Nick's wedding. Victoria decides she's happy and doesn't need Newman anymore.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Kyle accuses Jack of being more interested in what he needs than what's best for Summer.

The doctor says to Dylan and Chelsea, "I ran some tests." Chelsea asks, "Is there something wrong with our son?"

Jill says, "Gary Reynolds? What does your ex-husband have to do with 'all that I value'?"

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