At Mason's place, Neil asks him if he knows Anne Turner, who he believes is responsible for the posts on GC Buzz about his family. He explains he came to him because of the phone calls to Newman. He shows him the call log. Mason shrugs that he doesn't remember; he took many calls. Neil says he may have to interview everyone.

At Crimson Lights, Hilary protests to Devon that she's not responsible for the photo. "You've got it all wrong." On the patio, Lily and Cane hope Neil gets answers soon. Lily wonders how to stay out of the blogger's reach in the meantime. Later, Cane approaches Hilary inside. She mentions the photo. He apologizes; someone has it in for his family. She tells him Devon accused her of being behind it. Cane says he's protective. She gets a text from Mason saying they've got trouble.

At the station, Paul learns Chavez has hit a dead end in Chicago. Kevin says he knew it was bogus. He thinks Carmine is in Genoa City. On the computer, Kevin learns that Carmine withdrew money and scanned a maintenance worker's ID to access Lauren and Michael's building. Paul wants to warn them. He tells Kevin to stay there.

Carmine grabs Lauren in her apartment as she screams for Michael, who is unconscious on the kitchen floor. Carmine tells her they will die together. Lauren protests, and then offers to do anything he wants if he turns off the gas. When he goes on about being happy in eternity, Lauren tells him he's insane. The phone rings as Carmine complains that she's ruined everything. Michael suddenly attacks Carmine. A fight ensues. Lauren aims a gun. "You wanted to end it tonight? Let's end it." Michael tells her to put the gun down. Carmine tells her to shoot him. As Michael talks Lauren down, Paul bursts in, gun drawn. Michael embraces Lauren. After, Michael thanks Kevin by phone. Paul tells Michael to see a doctor. As they take Carmine away, Lauren slaps him. He says he'll never stop loving her. Later, Michael admits to Lauren that he would have loved for her to kill Carmine, but he had to protect her.

Sharon talks to Faith about Nick's wedding at home. She tells her it's natural for her to want her parents together, but it may not ever happen. Faith asks, "Don't you wish you could be with Daddy?" Sharon says it's up to Nick to decide if Avery will make him happy.

At Lily's house, Devon tells her about Hilary watching her and Cane at the coffee house. She wonders how to convince Cane that Hilary has ulterior motives. Devon says they have to force her to screw up. Cane arrives. Devon expresses his thoughts on Hilary and then leaves them to talk. Lily tells Cane she thinks Hilary is behind the blog posts. He wonders if she thinks she's Anne Turner. He tells her if she keeps obsessing over them breaking up it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lily says he needs to see that things with Hilary aren't as they seem. Lily makes her case, but Cane argues every point. Lily knows in her heart that Hilary is after him. She has a plan to prove it; they have to work together. They plot to stage a public argument, after which Cane will pretend to be interested in Hilary.

Devon fills Neil in on his suspicions about Hilary in Crimson Lights. Neil thinks Cane had better show Hilary the door. Devon doesn't think it will be that easy. They discuss Anne Turner. Neil tells Devon about the phone calls to Newman and how Mason behaved fidgety when questioned. He thinks Mason may lead them to Turner.

Nick arrives at Avery's with a file folder of taped pictures that Faith ripped up. She's worried Faith might still give them trouble. Avery admits she visited Sharon and told her to stay away from him. Nick tells her Sharon's not a threat. Nick talks about Vikki's issues with Billy trying to build something. They discuss their future and wedding and then kiss. Avery still wants to wait until their wedding night, but ends up giving in. They're about to make love when Sharon messages him about picking up Faith. Once alone, Avery orders a gift for Connor.

Hilary arrives at Mason's place. He tells her about Neil's visit. She insists everything is under control; it's now a race to see if Neil will figure it out before she ruins his life.

Nick arrives at Sharon's house, where she informs him she told Faith that Avery's not a threat to their family.

At the station, Carmine learns that Kevin is the one who figured out his scheme. Carmine's put in a cell.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Avery tells Victoria that her wedding is a pipe dream that might not even happen.

Adam tells someone on the phone, "This thing we've been working on, the next step is a bit tricky. It's time to bob and weave."

Victor finds Nikki crying and asks what's the matter.

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