At home, Lauren has a nightmare about Carmine. Michael reassures her they'll find him and lock him up.

At the station, Kevin rants at Alex for sending Carmine's laptop to the FBI. He learns Carmine's computer showed plans for a new life in Chicago. He calls Lauren and Michael in. Kevin says he thinks it's a decoy. Alex is going to check it out. Michael wants Carmine stopped whatever it takes. Later, Kevin tells Alex to enjoy his wasted trip to Chicago.

At the tackhouse, Nick arranges to fly in a band for the wedding. He calls Summer.

Summer ignores Nick's call at the Club. Victor speaks to her. He offers her the use of their resort in the Bahamas as Jack walks in. She thanks him and answers a call. Jack confronts Victor about pushing her out of town. They bicker. Summer returns and tells them to stop. "I wish I wasn't an Abbott or a Newman." Nick arrives and says it's enough. He asks Summer to go talk, but she takes off. Jack and Victor resume arguing. Nick asks what the hell is wrong with them. Jack won't allow Victor to bully Summer into leaving town. Nick tells Jack he can't give Summer what she needs - her mother. Nick lectures Victor. They end up arguing about Adam. Victor defends him and reiterates that he won't let anyone interfere with his family.

At Mason's place, Hilary looks at his photos. She says it has to be exactly right to send Lily over the edge. She wants to cause them pain. Mason says some of them are nice. She doesn't care - her mother was nice. She chooses a shot to put online - it's her and Cane - he's shirtless. Mason says he feels used by her. She reassures him he's her partner and ally. They have sex. Hilary dresses to go find Cane and Lily to make sure they're not happy. She promises to make it worth Mason's while. "Wait until you see Neil bleed."

Esther and Cane discuss Katherine at the Chancellor mansion. They talk about the party and memorial. Cane advises Esther to do as the book says and live until she dies.

Neil drops in at the ranch looking for information on a former Newman employee. He and Nikki discuss Katherine's passing, secrets, and past mistakes. Neil offers to listen. She realizes that Neil has a demon too. Neil admits it. He hopes he can make amends. He says it's the only way to heal - you can't outrun your past. Paul arrives. Neil mentions looking for a Newman employee from late 2012. Nikki says Jack was in charge then. Once alone, Paul talks about moving forward with Nikki's request. She's scared now and wonders if it's better not to know. She says Katherine is the only person she told and she's making her take it up again. She never told Victor. Paul says this is a big deal - he wants to help. Victor arrives. Paul goes. Victor asks what Paul was talking to her about. She lies that Paul wanted help with a charity ball. They discuss Nick's upcoming wedding. Victor thinks he should be paying attention to Summer instead.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Devon and Lily discuss Katherine. He wishes he'd got to know her better. Lily assures him she knew he cared. Devon says Tucker's not ready to talk, and asks about Cane. Lily says Hilary's definitely after something. Devon and Lily see the photo of Hilary and Cane online. Devon wonders if it's Photoshopped. They have to talk to Cane. Lily texts him and then rants about Hilary. Cane arrives. She shows him the photo. He figures out when it was taken. Lily says she is clearly up to something and suggests that Hilary arranged this to break them up. Inside, Lauren tells Michael that this will be over soon. They kiss. Later, Summer phones Courtney. She wants to get far away from Genoa City. Hilary arrives and is upset to see Lily and Cane kissing. Devon appears. "Looks like your little plan isn't working."

Carmine enters Lauren and Michael's apartment. Later, Michael and Lauren come home and smell gas. When Michael checks the oven, Carmine knocks him out.

Neil visits Jack at home. He says someone is after him online and may have a connection to Newman when he was in charge. Jack produces phone records. Neil exits as Nick arrives. He wants Jack to leave Summer alone. She's not in a good place right now. Jack complains about Victor being in the mix. Nick says he warned him, and tells Jack he knows he'll do the right thing to help Summer.

Mason opens his door to Neil, who asks him if he knows Anne Turner.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Lily says to Cane, "I just want you to understand that things with Hilary aren't really what they seem."

Devon says to Hilary, "You're trying to come between Lily and Cane. Back off!"

Carmine says to Lauren, "You and I are going to die together." Lauren screams Michael's name.

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