Victoria finds Delia and Billy preparing to build the bookcase at home. She's a little appalled that he's doing it in the living room, and concerned because he knows nothing about carpentry. Billy's not worried. Victoria takes a call, and tells Billy she has to go help plan Nick's wedding.

Chloe spots Chelsea at Crimson Lights. Chelsea says Connor's in the car with Dylan and recounts the cough/panic story. She tells Chloe that Adam held Connor. Chloe is stunned at the risk. Dylan calls from the car - he'll take the baby home. They notice Melanie. Chelsea tells Chloe Adam came to the house to ask her to testify. Chloe hopes she turned him down. She says she should be thanking Melanie - Adam will probably get the maximum sentence. Chelsea doesn't want him going to prison for something he didn't do. "This could ruin his life." Chloe says better his than hers. She tells Chelsea not to change her mind. After, Melanie tells Chelsea her friend is right. Chelsea says Adam didn't rape her, he just didn't want her anymore. She says she understands - Adam treated her the same way. Chelsea recounts her experience with Adam. "He broke my heart." She tells Melanie that what happened to her couldn't begin to compare, yet she would never try to ruin his life. She knows he's not a monster. Melanie sighs.

At the Club bar, Cane reads a letter from Katherine. She asks him to look after Jill and not to let her push him away.

At the Chancellor estate, Esther refuses to give Jill the combination of the safe. They bicker. Esther wants to see Jill's letter. Cane appears saying it's his job to help Jill. Jill sends Esther to clean the oven and then tries to get rid of Cane. Jill gripes. Cane says if she pushes everyone away she'll have no one in her life to share it with. He kisses her and goes. Esther reappears. "He's right." Jill is exasperated when Esther admits she doesn't know the combination to the safe. They try birthdays. The date she got sober opens it. In a cardboard tube is a drawing of Katherine. Jill cries. "It's a pretty good likeness."

Nikki re-reads her letter from Katherine at home and thinks. Paul enters and startles her. He realizes Nikki is very upset. She wants him to tell her it's all a terrible mistake. He wishes he could. Nikki mentions the memorial, and says Katherine gave them instructions to carry out. Paul asks what Katherine asked her to do. Nikki says it wasn't about the memorial. Nikki sobs over how she'll cope without Katherine. Paul reassures her. Victoria arrives. She wonders if Nikki's up to wedding planning. She is. They talk about Billy being home. Nikki's happy. She mentions never leaving things unresolved; it eats away at you. They talk about Katherine protecting them. Nikki looks at her letter.

Adam joins Jack at the Club. They discuss Adam's issues with Melanie. Adam says he won't cop a plea - if he's going to prison it will be as an innocent man. Jack reiterates that he will act as a character witness. Adam says no one else will. Jack says things will work out. Adam muses that maybe he should cut his losses and leave Genoa City. Jack thinks it's a bad idea. He tells him not to do it. Once alone, Adam calls for the jet. Paul appears. "Going somewhere?" Paul warns him about leaving the state; a jury would see a trial no-show as an admission of guilt. He doesn't need any more strikes against him.

Jack visits Paul at the station and states his intention to be a character witness for Adam. He reminds Paul he's always been fair. The ADA appears and Paul steps out with him. He returns and says there's been a development in Adam's case. He asks if Jack knows where Adam is right now. He doesn't. As Jack leaves, Nikki arrives. She tells Paul she needs his help with something very important.

Chloe arrives at Billy's place. Billy's injured his thumb. Chloe bandages it and Delia insists she kiss it. She Victoria walks in. Billy jokes that everything was great until Chloe distracted him. Chloe takes Delia and goes. Billy explains to Victoria what she saw. Victoria trusts him, just not with tools. He agrees to hire someone to build it.

Chelsea opens her door to Adam, who thanks her. He says Melanie dropped the charges due to something she said. Chelsea says he can repay her by staying away.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Mason asks Hilary, "What do I get in return?" Hilary drops her towel and asks, "How do you want to feel?"

Michael tells Paul and Alex that whatever it takes he wants Carmine stopped.

Jack says to Victor, "We're talking about my daughter. You'd better get used to it. And leave her alone."

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