At Sharon's place, she plays innocent when Nick asks if she gave Faith the idea they might get back together. Nick asks her to help him make Faith understand that they will never get back together. Sharon thinks Faith will get the message. She says deep down, Faith wants what she wants - for Nick to be happy. Nick mentions Noah's concerns. Sharon insists she's fine. After, Sharon talks to Cassie. She muses that Faith might be stopping the wedding for her. Cassie muses that it's not like she's using Faith... She warns Sharon she doesn't have much time. Sharon says she has to seal the deal with something big.

At home, Dylan asks what's going on. Chelsea says Adam stopped to see her. Adam hands Connor to Chelsea. Dylan orders him to stay away from his wife and his son. Adam says Chelsea can speak for herself. He asks if she'll testify. Chelsea questions if she'd even be a credible witness. Adam's willing to take the risk. Dylan says she is trying to turn him down nicely. Chelsea decides she can't get involved. Adam tells Dylan to take care of them both, and leaves. After, Chelsea tells Dylan it couldn't have been easy for Adam to see them with the baby. Dylan says he brought it on himself. Connor coughs. They head for the hospital.

Esther and Jill discuss Katherine being gone at the Chancellor mansion. Esther produces a letter. Murphy asked him to give it to her; a personal message from Mrs. C. to Jill. Esther has a letter too. She reads it. It talks about her being a lousy maid, but she was her protector and confidante. "You were part of my family." Jill opens hers. She keeps it private from Esther. It says she wants her to have all she values; it's all right in front of her if she just looks in the right place. Jill mutters about being left her fortune and having a riddle to solve.

Victor arrives home to find Nikki reading a letter. He tells her he knows what it is - he has a message from Katherine too. He says Katherine reminded him that everything good in his life was largely thanks to her, and advised him not to take his life for granted. Nikki says Katherine was like a mother to her. Victor hopes he can comfort her. Nikki says in her letter, Katherine told her what she thought she needed to hear. Later, Adam joins Victor and asks if he's still behind him. Victor says Katherine passed away. Adam's sorry. He wonders about taking over Chancellor; he thinks Katherine would like to see Victor at the helm. Victor says he has no idea what she'd want and won't discuss it. Adam keeps trying. Victor complains he wants him to dance on his friend's grave; has he no heart? Adam mutters about a broken heart and tells him he saw Chelsea and her baby. Victor reassures him. He says the tough times made them who they are and gives Adam a quick hug.

At the tackhouse, Avery shows Faith special pictures of wedding ideas she spent hours cutting out for Nick. Faith remains silent. Avery offers to get her a dress. Faith doesn't want one. Avery goes upstairs and Faith rips up Avery's pictures. Avery is upset. Nick arrives. Faith whines that Avery yelled at her. Nick sends her upstairs. Nick assures Avery he knows she'd never be mean. Avery tells him Faith tore up her special pictures. Nick says he and Sharon spending time together may have confused her. He assures Avery that Sharon will help and they'll get through this. Faith watches them kiss goodbye. After, Nick tells Faith she needs to respect Avery.

At the Chancellor estate, Nikki and Jill discuss the party plans with Esther and then talk about guests. Jill marvels that Katherine's still controlling things from the grave. Jill mentions her cryptic letter - she doesn't know what to do. Nikki says she knows exactly what she's supposed to do, but isn't sure she can do it. They talk about Katherine knowing she was going to die. Nikki goes. Esther tells Jill she feels lost without Mrs. C. there. Jill doesn't want her to fuss. Jill re-reads her letter. "Right in front of you..." She goes over to the safe, but can't open it. She calls Esther.

Sharon opens her door to Avery, who tells Sharon that she's going to be Nick's wife, so she needs to back off and stay away from him. Cassie tells Sharon to find a way to use Avery's insecurity against her.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan and Chelsea laugh over their new parent panic. Dylan takes Connor to the car. Chelsea spots Melanie.

At home, Nikki reads her letter and cries, "Damn you, Katherine. Why have you done this to me?"

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Delia shouts, "You forgot to kiss it!" Victoria enters her house to see Chloe kissing Billy's bandaged thumb.

Paul tells Jack there's been a development in the case against Adam and asks if he knows where Adam is right now.

At the Club, Adam says into his phone, "Adam Newman. Get the jet ready."

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