Cane is besieged by reporters on the phone at home. Lily leaves to meet Neil. Hilary arrives to work there since Cane is avoiding the office. They compose a press release about Katherine. Hilary talks about her mother passing away alone. Cane holds her.

At home, Chelsea hangs up on Adam when Connor cries. Dylan tells her he wants her to be a character witness. Chelsea questions Dylan not telling her before. She lets him know she doesn't believe Adam is a rapist. Dylan convinces Chelsea she doesn't need to get involved.

Leslie and Kevin wait for Neil at the station. Neil arrives. He's been with Jill talking about Katherine. Lily arrives and asks what Neil found out. He says he learned Anne was working at a financier's and abruptly left...on the same date Gus was released from jail. Neil looked through the things she left behind and found newspaper clippings about Gus with information about Leslie highlighted. He also found his business card that he gave Rose. He asks Kevin to get an address on a Wisconsin number Anne called repeatedly.

Sharon brings Faith to the tackhouse. She sends the girl upstairs while she and Nick discuss Katherine's death. Sharon asks about him moving his wedding up. Nick asks if she has a problem with it. She says she wishes him and Avery a long life of happiness. Sharon goes upstairs, and Avery arrives. They kiss. Sharon listens as she tells Nick he's out of luck until the honeymoon. Avery learns that Sharon's upstairs as Sharon appears. She offers to take Faith for them. Avery wouldn't want her to have to come back; they'll be fine with Faith. Sharon hints that Faith might be sensitive about the wedding news, and leaves. Avery suggests Nick tell Faith now. She goes. Nick tells Faith they'll get married next week. He asks her to be the flower girl. She screams no. She doesn't want him to marry Avery, she wants him to marry Mommy!

At the Club, Adam tells Melanie he understands her distrusting him, but her lie will backfire. She could end up behind bars instead of him. He says she can accept his apology or tell him to go to hell and put her future on the line. They go back and forth. She tells him he's a poor imitation of his father. Adam makes it crystal clear he is as capable of crushing her as his namesake. She shouts, "Leave me alone!" as Leslie enters with Neil. Leslie lectures Adam about talking to Melanie. He tells her Jack will be a character witness, but she says he needs a woman to stage a defense. Leslie rejoins Neil, who is wondering where everything with Anne Turner will lead. They bicker about whether Neil owes Anne anything.

Lily returns home and Hilary tells her she's sorry about Katherine. Once alone, Lily tells Cane that Neil had some leads. Cane puts his arm around Lily. She asks why he smells like 'Ashley', the Jabot perfume. Cane says it was Hilary - he gave her a hug. He explains. Lily crosses her arms and looks ticked off. He says it was nothing and they decide to take a walk. Lily looks at a note Hilary left.

Kevin chats with Dylan at Crimson Lights, who tells him to take anything he wants. Kevin goes for some boxes in back. Avery enters. She notices Dylan's wedding ring. He tells her Chelsea had the baby too. Avery stammers that she's happy for him. She says she's marrying Nick next week. They talk about being in a good place, and Avery goes.

As Chelsea tells Connor she'll make sure he has the best life possible, Adam arrives at the door. She looks stunned, but invites him in. Adam tells her Connor looks just like her and is beautiful. She puts the baby to bed. Adam tells Chelsea she's glowing. She says she's where she's meant to be; with her child and husband. They discuss his troubles with Melanie. He explains what happened and why Chelsea's testimony would make a huge difference. Chelsea steps away and Adam holds Connor. Dylan arrives.

At home, Sharon looks at photos and cries. Nick shows up and asks Sharon if she's given Faith the idea that they would be getting married again.

At the tackhouse, Faith informs Avery that her daddy will marry her mommy and she'll be the flower girl at their wedding. Avery tries to talk reasonably, but Faith just gives her a dirty look.

At the station, Kevin researches Anne's calls.

Kevin joins Neil and Leslie at the Club. The number Anne repeatedly call was traced to Newman Enterprises.

Hilary joins Mason in a suite. She says everything is going perfectly. They kiss.

Genoa City Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Young and the Restless:

Nikki puts a paper in her purse. Victor says he knows what that is. "You don't have to hide that from me."

Dylan tells Adam to stay away from his wife and his son.

Cassie tells Sharon she doesn't have much time; the wedding is only a couple of weeks away.

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